New York Adds 1 Year Statute of Limitations for Survivors of Child Sex Abuse Cases

As reported by CBS News, New York State has instituted a law allowing victims of childhood sex abuse to bring lawsuits against the perpetrators. Many of these victims suffered 30, 40 and even 50 years ago. At the time, little was done to protect children and predators were allowed to escape justice.

This law, the New York Child Victims Act, creates a one-year window of opportunity for victims to bring lawsuits. With so many suffering, it is expected that thousands of lawsuits will be filed.

Those who advocate for survivors anticipate a “tidal wave of litigation” for sexual abuse lawsuits against priests and churches, synagogues, mosques, public and private schools and organizations such as the Boy Scouts.

“What has happened to so many is truly disgusting,” notes attorney David Krangle. “Children were the victims of sexual abuse and then the victims of the failing justice system. Finally, these victims, many of whom have suffered for decades, can bring a claim and seek closure.”

Update: NYS Extends Deadline To File Cases Until August 14, 2021

The law firm Alonso Krangle LLP represents victims of childhood sexual abuse and is actively pursuing claims on behalf of victims.

If you or a loved one suffered at the hands of the clergy, a teacher, scout leader or other individual with responsibility for your well-being, you may have a claim.

For example, JoAnn Schoonmaker was allegedly raped repeatedly by a janitor at her school at age 11. CBS News reported that despite her cries for help to the principal, she was simply instructed to stay away from the janitor. No action was taken, law enforcement was not contacted, and the child was offered no protection.

“Cases such as these are true nightmares,” adds Andres Alonso, partner at Alonso Krangle LLP. “It is our role to fight for victims, and that is precisely what we will do. The New York Child Victims Act gives a rare window of opportunity for people to seek justice. It is imperative that they come forward now before they lose that opportunity.”

Alonso Krangle LLP is a nationally recognized law firm, handling personal injury, sexual abuse by members of the church, medical malpractice and nursing home abuse. Additionally, the firm represents clients nationwide in mass tort cases, frequently involving dangerous prescription medications, defective medical devices, defective consumer goods and more.



Massage Envy Sued Over Sexual Assault

Plaintiffs File Lawsuit Against Massage Envy Claiming Multiple Acts of Sexual Assault

Not unlike the civil cases that have been filed against the catholic church, a recent lawsuit accuses a large massage franchise of failing to protect clients from sexual assault. According to Channel 10 News in San Diego, a lawsuit has been filed claiming that massage therapists at four Massage Envy sites sexually assaulted female clients. The lawsuit was filed in California’s San Mateo County Superior Court. It accuses Massage Envy of:

“negligently hiring and supervising five therapists accused by the plaintiffs, and ignoring the “known risk of assault they posed to customers” by allowing them to remain employed or transferring them to another franchise location.”

Also, the plaintiffs allege that Massage Envy has no policy that requires complaints about sexual assault be reported to law enforcement. The plaintiffs also allege that Massage Envy actually has a policy of concealing reports of sexual assault. According to the plaintiffs’ attorney, “Employees who went to management were told not to complain, which sent a message to those speaking up that such conduct was acceptable.”

Update: NYS Extends Deadline To File Cases Until August 14, 2021

Sexual Assault Allegedly Occurred at Various Massage Envy Locations

The complaint against massage envy alleges incidents occurred at locations in Corona, Daly City, Cotati, and Encinitas. The allegations range from one therapist ejaculating on a client to several male therapists shaming women claiming “they obviously wanted sex by seeking a massage.” The fact that incidents seem to have taken place in so many franchise locations may not bode well for Massage Envy’s corporate parent office.

In fact, the lawsuit was filed the same day a Massage Envy therapist faced criminal charges for sexually assaulting two women while working at the Mission Viejo location. So many therapists facing allegations of sexual assault could indicate a severe lack of oversite, reporting, and concern with sexual abuse within its ranks.

Did Toxic Work Culture Lead to Multiple Sexual Assaults?

The Plaintiffs’ lawyers Stated frequent allegations of sexual assault at Massage Envy is “a by-product of a toxic work culture, where abuse persisted and was tolerated even after the problem was well recognized within the company, and yet customer complaints went smothered and unreported.”

If these allegations are deemed valid, Massage Envy may be liable to their clients for significant monetary damages. They may also be required to create and enforce new policies that protect their clients from future assaults. The court will consider some of the following issues:

  • Did Massage Envy know about the sexual assault?
  • Did Massage Envy do proper background checks on its employees?
  • Should Massage Envy have done more to protect clients?
  • Did the company “cover-up” the danger of sexual assault?
  • Did the company ignore complaints or act unreasonably when responding to complaints?
  • Did Massage Envy negligently hire therapists?
  • Did Massage Envy punish employees who complained about sexual assault?

These are just some of the legal and factual issues to be determined in this case. If found to be negligent, Massage Envy may owe the plaintiffs significant damages for emotional trauma, physical injuries, and other harm they endured because of the assaults.

Contact Our Sexual Abuse Lawyers at Alonso Krangle, LLP

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Catholic Priests Retain Jobs Despite Abuse

Catholic Priests Keep Jobs Despite Accusations of Sexual Abuse of Minors

According to a lawsuit filed July 15, 2019, two Catholic priests who were accused of sexually assaulting children, were allowed to remain on active duty in their churches. The lawsuit filed in Manhattan Supreme Court claims that the archdiocese was made aware of the priests’ alleged behavior. If the church knew about the abuse and concealed it, ignored it, or did not take steps to protect the minors, the archdiocese may be liable for damages to the victims.

Update: NYS Extends Deadline To File Cases Until August 14, 2021

Victim’s Wife Wants Accountability

The plaintiffs, in this case, are victims of sexual abuse or family members of victims. One plaintiff is the wife of someone who was sexually abused as a teenager by a clergy member. The victim committed suicide in 2003. The lawsuit alleges that this man reported his abuse at the hands of Father Donald Timone, who was allowed back to work after a brief suspension and internal investigation. The church paid his wife a settlement in 2017 after she filed a formal complaint against Timone on behalf of her deceased husband. After the payout, the lawsuit alleges, the church “vouched for” Timone, writing to the Diocese in San Diego that Timone “hasn’t been the target of sexual abuse claims.

Victim Claims Church Ignored Allegations of Sexual Abuse

The lawsuit also contains allegations that Monsignor John Paddack sexually abused one of the plaintiffs in the early 2000s. The suit claims that the archdiocese received an additional complaint about Paddack in 2014. The lawsuit accuses the archdiocese of keeping these complaints about sexual abuse secret and allowing Paddack to continue his work at the Church of Notre Dame.

Is the Catholic Church Responsible for Damages?

Some questions and legal issues that might arise in this case surround the Church’s obligation or duty to protect minors from sexual abuse.

  • Did the church know about the abuse?
  • Did the church investigate?
  • Was the investigation reasonably thorough?
  • Should they have done more?
  • Did the church expose other minors to danger by keeping these priests on duty?
  • Did other children suffer abuse after the church became aware of the allegations?
  • Did the church lie about its knowledge of sexual abuse allegations?

The Archdiocese’s Response

The archdiocese stated that the earlier complaints of sexual abuse against these men were investigated or reviewed and found to be unsubstantiated. Whether they did enough, remains to be seen.

In response to the lawsuit, the archdiocese issued the following statement:

“The allegations against Fr. Timone and Fr. Paddack were shared with law enforcement, and both are currently out of ministry while the archdiocese investigates these new allegations against them.”

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Baptist Convention Addresses Abuse

Taking Steps to Tackle the Clergy Sexual Abuse Problem

Everyone has read the news reports about Catholic Dioceses releasing names of priests and other clergy members who have been credibly accused of sexually abusing children. More than 140 dioceses and religious orders have published such lists, and the pressure is on for others to follow suit. We have heard about the millions of dollars being paid by the Catholic Church to the victims they failed to protect. Since becoming aware of the alarming number of sexual abuse victims who suffered at the hands of religious leaders, state legislatures across the nation have acted. Many have passed laws that allow victims of sexual abuse as children to file lawsuits and collect damages well into adulthood.

What is the Southern Baptist Church Doing to Address Allegations of Child Sexual Abuse?

During the past year, the Southern Baptist Church has been dealing with its own sexual abuse scandal. According to an article in the Washington Post, some question whether this particular religious group is doing enough to address the problem.

In Birmingham, Alabama, the church held its annual Southern Baptist Convention (SBC). The Post reported in a June 12, 2019 article that the 8,000 church representatives attending the meeting “overwhelmingly agreed” to pass a resolution condemning the sexual abuse of children as “evil.” The convention “messengers” also:

  • Called “on government authorities to review statutes of limitations for prosecuting perpetrators.”
  • Agreed to amend the group’s constitution to remove churches who mishandle sexual abuse from their ranks
  • Agreed to designate a committee to review questions about sexual abuse
Update: NYS Extends Deadline To File Cases Until August 14, 2021

Advocates and Survivors of Sexual Abuse By Southern Baptists React

Jules Woodson, described by the Post as “the sexual abuse victim who helped set off a reckoning over abuse in the Southern Baptist Convention” reacted to the results of this year’s convention with a mix of hope and dismay. In her opinion, the SBC took “a good step,” but “a little step.” While the SBC acted to condemn sexual abuse by religious leaders, the Post maintains that they fell short of making meaningful progress.

Advocates had hoped for things such as mandatory training on sexual abuse and the creation of a national database to avoid credibly accused church members from moving around. Unlike Catholic churches, Southern Baptist churches are autonomous; there is no real central governing body. This autonomy, some say, is part of the problem that makes it challenging to monitor, set consequences, and prevent abuse from occurring.

It remains to be seen whether the resolutions passed at the SBC make a difference. One individual in attendance who was a victim of sexual abuse as a child in the boy scouts remains “cautiously hopeful.”

Contact our clergy sexual abuse lawyers if you were abused by a member of the Southern Baptist Church. We are here to help you enforce your rights to collect monetary compensation from your abuser and the church that may have protected him. Call Alonso Krangle, LLP at 516-350-5555 today for a free case evaluation.



Catholic Church Names More Sexual Abusers

Providence Catholic Diocese is The Latest to Release List Clergy Members Accused of Sexually Abusing Children

On July 1, 2019, USA Today reported that the Roman Catholic Diocese of Providence, Rhode Island released a list of “clerics, religious order priests, and deacons who have been credibly accused of sexually abusing children.” The list, compiled after reviewing nearly seventy years of church records, was posted to the website of the Diocese and contains the names of fifty people. Of those fifty people, nineteen are still alive and “nearly all” have been removed from the ministry. Twenty-five of the names on the list belong to deceased catholic priests.

Many dioceses have limited the release of names to only individuals where were accused during their lifetimes. The Providence list, however, includes the names of clergy members who died before any allegations came to light. Twelve priests on the list were deceased before the victims came forward with their credible accusations of sexual abuse.

Update: NYS Extends Deadline To File Cases Until August 14, 2021

Release of Names Encourages Victims to Come Forward

Bishop Thomas Tobin applauded the release of the list as “a difficult but necessary moment in the history of the church.” Its publishing comes nearly ten years after survivors of clergy sexual abuse in Providence began asking for the names. The Survivors Network of Those Abused by Priests (SNAP) stated that they hope this will encourage more victims of clergy sex abuse to come forward, as has been the case in other communities.

According to USA Today, more than 140 “religious orders and Roman Catholic Diocese” have published lists of clergy members credibly accused of the sexual abuse of children. Many Dioceses released them in the aftermath of a Pennsylvania grand jury decision. That decision detailed hundreds of cases of alleged sexual abuse of children at the hands of trusted catholic clergy members.

Catholic Church Settled Child Sexual Abuse Cases

Rhode Island has one of the largest Catholic populations in the United States. The Providence Diocese in 2002 reached a 14 million-dollar settlement with dozens of victims of clergy sexual abuse. USA Today reports that the diocese has settled additional cases since.

Rhode Island, Like New York, Extends Statute of Limitations to File Lawsuits Against Clergy

Like many states, Rhode Island recently passed a law extending the statute of limitations for victims of child sexual abuse to file lawsuits to collect compensation. The law provides victims with “35 years to sue their abusers and institutions that shielded them, instead of seven and three respectively.” Similarly, New York extended the statute of limitations by passing the NY Child Victims Act. The Child Victims Act gives someone abused as a child by a priest, bishop, cleric, rabbi, or any other adult until the age of fifty-five to file a civil lawsuit.

Contact Us if You Were the Victims of Aexual Abuse as a Child

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Officials Substantiate Synagogue Sex Abuse

Officials Substantiate Child Sex Abuse at Synagogue

Clergy sexual abuse knows no religious boundaries. Children who attend religious services and schools of all orders can suffer at the hands of trusted spiritual teachers and leaders. Allegations of sexual abuse by Catholic priests have permeated the news recently. In early July, a CNN report revealed that a Jewish school was dealing with a scandal of its own. CNN reported that an official investigation by the education department substantiated “multiple accusations of child sexual abuse by a preschool teacher at a prominent synagogue in Washington DC.” CNN obtained this information from a cease-and-desist letter sent by the Washington DC Office of the State Superintendent of Education (OSSE) to the Synagogue.

Update: NYS Extends Deadline To File Cases Until August 14, 2021

Families File Lawsuit to Hold Synagogue Responsible for Sexual Abuse of Children

In April 2019, the families of 8 children filed a lawsuit against the synagogue and director of the preschool at Washington Hebrew Congregation. The suit is not against the alleged abuser and teaching assistant Jordan Silverman, who is no longer an employee at the school. He has not been charged with wrongdoing and has denied all of the allegations contained in the lawsuit. Silverman’s former attorney told CNN “Mr. Silverman categorically denies engaging in any inappropriate or illegal contact with children at Washington Hebrew Congregation.”

The lawsuit seeks to hold the synagogue and school responsible for various infractions, including the negligent supervision of Silverman, giving him ample opportunity to abuse his victims sexually.

In the specifics of the letter, the Superintendent’s investigation discovered that the synagogue’s pre-school “failed to ensure the safety of children in its care, to properly supervise children and staff and did not report the alleged abuse to education officials, as required by law.”

OSSE Finds Synagogue Failed to Supervise Alleged Abuser

The letter from the education department appears to concur that the school acted wrongly in several ways:

  • By allowing the accused, on his own, to lead children outside of the classroom to a wooded area outside the center and the bathroom
  • By ignoring staff members’ complaints about the accused “disappearing” with kids for periods of time
  • By failing to enforce its policy of prohibiting the use of cellphones and taking photographs of the students, thereby enabling the accused to take videos and pictures of children
  • By threatening to punish staff members who complained about the alleged abuser

Jewish Preschool Revises Policies in Response to Sexual Abuse Allegations

Since the allegations, the preschool has made changes to its policies such as:

  • Requiring two staff members to be present with children at all times
  • Requiring staff members to announce via walkie talkie that they are moving children to different locations
  • Requiring staff training on the signs of sexual abuse, reporting sexual abuse, and handling specific situations in which they suspect abuse.

Who is Responsible for Sexual Abuse?

There is little doubt that the individual who commits sexual abuse against a child should be held responsible. But what about the religious institution? Much like an employer might be responsible for the wrongful behavior of an employee, a church, synagogue, or other religious institution might be liable for the actions of its workers, leaders, officials, and teachers. In the case of the Washington Hebrew Congregation, the OSSE investigation indeed suggests that the school was negligent in supervising and reporting the alleged abuse occurring under its watch.

Contact our clergy sexual abuse lawyers

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Will Insurers Pay Sexual Abuse Claims from Lawsuits Against the Catholic Church?

child abuse

Will Insurers Pay Sexual Abuse Claims from Lawsuits Against the Catholic Church?

In New York, sexual abuse by priests, rabbis, ministers and other clergy have been a tremendous problem. The New York Child Victims Act, opens a window of opportunity for victims of sexual abuse to bring lawsuits for older cases.  This window will open on August 14, 2019 and last for one year.

The New York Archdiocese is preparing for the claims, looking to the courts to compel 32 insurance providers to provide coverage.  The claims of sexual abuse by churches and schools in New York Archdiocese could be massive. The diocese indicates it has paid premiums for years, perhaps decades, and coverage should be provided for victims.  Without coverage, the Diocese may not be able to pay claims and may be forced to close churches and facilities throughout the region.

If insurance companies litigate with the Archdiocese and deny coverage, this could extend the litigation process for years to come.

Update: NYS Extends Deadline To File Cases Until August 14, 2021

It is anticipated that 2,500 people or more may file suit under the New York law. These cases primarily relate to the clergy sexually abusing children.  These cases could amount to tens of millions of dollars – or more.

In the one diocese alone, there are approximately 300 incorporated parishes and 200 schools operating today.

Thus far, more than 300 cases have received settled for more than $60 million.  But those settlements represent a small portion of total claimants, with the number waiting for the law to take effect expected to be far higher.

If You Have Been Abused by the Clergy, You Are Not Alone

For decades people suffered in silence from sexual abuse by priests and the clergy, alone and unable to speak up.  With this change in the law, victims will have the opportunity to recover for the horrible acts that were done to them.

Contact our law firm today for a confidential conversation to discuss your rights, whether you may be entitled to significant compensation, and move forward from these horrible events.  Call 800-403-6191 today.

Source: Lohud

New York Archdiocese Files Lawsuit Against 32 Insurance Company Regarding Sexual Abuse Claims

sexual abuse

New York Archdiocese Files Lawsuit Against 32 Insurance Company Regarding Sexual Abuse Claims

As reported by (part of USA Today), the New York Archdiocese has filed a lawsuit against 32 insurance companies. Their claim? Failing to pay claims brought by victims of sexual abuse by the church.

Under the New York Child Victim’s Act, there will be a one-year window in which older claims may be brought.  That window of opportunity opens on August 14, 2019.

Hundreds of plaintiffs filed lawsuits already against catholic religious organizations, hospitals, schools and other institutions. The church expects even more. As a result, the Archdiocese has commenced this action on behalf of other impacted institutions.  The New York Archdiocese covers New York, Bronx, Richmond Counties, Westchester, Rockland and other counties in the Hudson Valley.

Update: NYS Extends Deadline To File Cases Until August 14, 2021

More Than 300 Victims of Sexual Abuse by Priests and Clergy Have Already Been Compensated

As of April, more than 300 plaintiffs have been compensated by the Independent Reconciliation and Compensation Program set up by the archdiocese. They have paid out more than $65 million.

Archdiocese Pushes for Insurance Policies to Cover Sexual Abuse Claims

The Archdiocese claims that it has purchased a range of insurance policies from insurers over the years. They argue these policies should cover the liability on those claims.  These claims could amount to tens of millions of dollars or more.  Furthermore, questions exist as to the institutions’ ability to pay and fully compensate victims.

Without coverage, will these institutions would be able to continue operating after payments are made?  The insurance policies may play a critical role in the outcome of these cases, and whether victims will be compensated.

The report indicated that Chubb is the largest insurer of the Archdiocese and has recently denied coverage in a sexual abuse lawsuit.  With a growing number of cases, the Archdiocese is taking proactive steps to force the insurance companies to pay on the policies.

Has Sexual Abuse by the Clergy Impacted You?

If you or a loved one was sexually abused by a member of the clergy, contact our attorneys today.  You have a limited window of opportunity to file your claim. Contact us to restitution and bring closure to a horrible situation.  Our compassionate attorneys are here for you, ready to discuss your case.

Call Alonso Krangle, LLP today for a discrete and confidential consultation: 800-403-6191



Priests Identified from Diocese of Rockville Center Accused of Sexual Misconduct

Priests Identified from Diocese of Rockville Center Accused of Sexual Misconduct

As the fallout of sexual abuse by the clergy continues, lists of priests accused of sexual abuse, including the sexual abuse of children, continue to grow.

Recently, a list of more than 60 priests accused of sexual misconduct over the last 60 years has surfaced.

If you or a family member was sexually abused by a priest in any of these churches, schools or institutions in the Diocese of Rockville Center, please contact us immediately:

Update: NYS Extends Deadline To File Cases Until August 14, 2021

Churches, Schools, Retreats & Other

  • Blessed Sacrament
  • Brooklyn Prep
  • Centro Evangelizacion San Vicente de Paul
  • Chaminade High School
  • Christ the King
  • Church of the Holy Cross
  • Corpus Christi
  • Diocesan Seminary of the Immaculate Conception
  • Good Samaritan
  • Good Shepherd
  • Guardian Angel Chapel
  • Holy Family
  • Holy Name of Mary
  • Holy Spirit
  • Holy Trinity High School
  • Inisfada
  • Jesuit Community of the Immaculate Conception
  • Jesuit Provincial’s Office
  • Loyola School
  • Madonna Residence for the Elderly
  • Manida St. Jesuit Community
  • Maria Regina High School
  • Mary Immaculate
  • Mary Immaculate Friary
  • Mercy Hospital
  • Most Holy Trinity
  • Mount Manrea Retreat House
  • Our Holy Redeemer
  • Our Lady of Fatima
  • Our Lady of Good Counsel
  • Our Lady of Grace
  • Our Lady of Hope
  • Our Lady of Lourdes
  • Our Lady of Matyrs
  • Our Lady of Mercy
  • Our Lady of Mt. Carmel
  • Our Lady of Peace
  • Our Lady of Perpetual Help
  • Our Lady of Perpetual Help Church
  • Our Lady of Sorrows
  • Our Lady of the Miraculous Medal
  • Our Lady of Victory
  • Our Lady Queen of Martyrs
  • Parsons Manor
  • Pius XII School
  • Queen of Grace
  • Queen of Peace
  • Queen of the Most Holy Rosary
  • Regina Pacis Votive
  • Regis High School
  • Sacred Heart
  • Sacred Hearts of Jesus and Mary
  • Saint Andrew Hall
  • SS Peter and Paul
  • SS. Cyril & Methodious
  • SS. Peter and Paul
  • SS. Philip and James
  • St Ignatius Retreat House at Insafada
  • St. Agnes
  • St. Aidan’s
  • St. Aloysius
  • St. Andrew’s
  • St. Ann’s
  • St. Ann’s Friary
  • St. Anne’s
  • St. Anthony High School
  • St. Anthony of Padua
  • St. Barnabas Apostle
  • St. Bernard’s
  • St. Boniface
  • St. Brigid
  • St. Catherine of Sienna
  • St. Christopher’s
  • St. Conrad Friary
  • St. Dominic’s
  • St. Edward the Confessor
  • St. Frances de Chantal
  • St. Francis de Sales
  • St. Francis Friary
  • St. Francis of Assisi
  • St. Francis Xavier
  • St. Gerard Majella
  • St. Gertrude
  • St. Hedwig
  • St. Hugh of Lincoln
  • St. Hugh’s
  • St. Ignatius Martyr
  • St. Ignatius of Loyola
  • St. Ignatius School
  • St. James
  • St. Joachim
  • St. John Baptist High School
  • St. John Nepomuccene’s
  • St. John of God
  • St. John the Baptist
  • St. John the Evangelist
  • St. John’s University
  • St. Joseph Patron of the Universal
  • St. Joseph the Worker
  • St. Joseph’s College
  • St. Jude’s
  • St. Lawrence of Brindisi Friary
  • St. Lawrence the Martyr
  • St. Leonard’s High School
  • St. Louis de Montfort
  • St. Lucy’s
  • St. Luke
  • St. Margaret of Scotland
  • St. Mark
  • St. Martin’s
  • St. Mary of the Isle
  • St. Mary Star of the Sea
  • St. Mary’s High School
  • St. Matthew’s
  • St. Nicholas’
  • St. Pancras
  • St. Patrick’s
  • St. Paul the Apostle
  • St. Peter of Alcantara
  • St. Peter the Apostle
  • St. Philip Neri
  • St. Pius Residence
  • St. Pius X
  • St. Raphael’s
  • St. Raymond’s
  • St. Rita’s
  • St. Rosalia’s
  • St. Rose of Lima
  • St. Sylvester
  • St. Thomas the Apostle
  • St. Vincent de Paul
  • St. William the Abbot
  • Sts. Peter and James
  • Villa Maria
  • West Side Jesuit Community
  • Wyckoff Heights Hospital
  • Xavier High School

NY Clergy Sexual Abuse

New York Archdiocese Finally Releases Names of Clergy Who Sexually Abused Children

According to a CNN article from April 27, 2019, there is good news and bad news for survivors of clergy sexual abuse in our country. The good news is that New York has followed the lead of more than 100 other Catholic dioceses and released a list containing the names of individuals accused of sexual misconduct. The list names 120 priests and deacons who were accused of sexually abusing children or having child pornography.

The release of the names was accompanied by a letter from Cardinal Timothy Dolan, the contents of which may provide a much-needed apology of sorts for some of the victims. Dolan stated, “I write to ask forgiveness again for the failings of those clergy and bishops who should have provided for the safety of our young people but instead betrayed the trust placed in them by God and by the faithful.”

Terry McKiernan, president of the watchdog website, applauded the release of the list as New York was one of only two Archdiocese in the country that has not done so. He added his opinion that the list was “long overdue.”

Update: NYS Extends Deadline To File Cases Until August 14, 2021

Clergy Sexual Abuse Victims’ Advocates Claim List is Insufficient

While McKiernan applauded the release of the names of the priests and deacons, he stated that “the downside is that it is a bad list.” Like many survivor advocates who feel the lists are incomplete, McKiernan agrees that the records released by New York and other Catholic dioceses are incomplete and unreliable. Some examples of the problems many survivors of clergy sexual abuse have with the self-reported lists include:

  • There are no details about where the abuse occurred
  • There is no information about when the allegations of sexual abuse arose
  • There is nothing describing actions that happened after the claims were made
  • There is no reference to the assignment histories of the accused
  • There is nothing about the number of victims
  • The lists do not contain the names of “externs” who may have abused

Catholic Church Tries to Calm Concerns

To calm the concerns of those victims who are unsatisfied with the list, Cardinal Dolan wrote in his letter that the list would be updated as more information becomes available. He said, “Please be assured there is not a single priest or deacon of the Archdiocese of New York against whom there has been a credible and substantiated claim of abuse against a minor currently in ministry.”

According to CNN, there are 13 states currently investigating sexual abuse in the Catholic Church. Members of the Survivors Network of Those Abused by Priests have called on Dolan to release all of his files on clergy sex abuse to the New York Attorney General Leticia James.

Contact Us to Discuss Your Case

If you were sexually abused as a child by a Catholic priest or another clergy member, the NY Child Victims Act provides ample time for you to try to collect compensation for the injuries you have suffered through the years. Call Alonso Krangle, LLP for help and start holding your abuser accountable. You can reach our clergy sexual abuse lawyers at 516-350-5555.