Is Bayer Trying to Settle All Roundup Claims?

Roundup Lawsuit Settlements

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Bayer Settling Roundup Claims

After losing three cases, Bayer AG is allegedly in talks to settle current and future roundup cancer claims. reported August 9, 2019, that sources close to the negotiations said they have “advanced to the point that Bayer and plaintiffs’ lawyers asked two judges in St. Louis to push back cases set for trial starting soon.” The sources asked not to reveal their identities because the talks are private.

Litigation is Pending Across the Country

There are currently more than 18,000 lawsuits filed in the United States against Monsanto Co., the maker of Roundup. Plaintiffs in these lawsuits claim that exposure to the chemicals in the weed killer caused their cancers. Bayer AG’s purchase of Monsanto became official in June 2018. With its acquisition, Bayer acquired massive Roundup litigation.

Court officials reported that the Roundup trials set for August and September would probably get rescheduled. Is this a sign that settlement negotiations are underway?

Sources Say Bayer Might Pay Billions to Victims of Roundup Cancers

In negotiations, Bayer is allegedly proposing to pay up to $8 billion to settle the lawsuits. Sources say that the plaintiff’s lawyers want $10 billion. They claim the parties reached an impasse over the issue of compensating “consumers who have yet to be diagnosed with illness.”

Tino Andersen, a spokesman for Bayer, has not commented on any settlement discussions. Kenneth Feinberg is a mediator overseeing the consolidated federal court cases. He stated that “there have been absolutely no discussions to date of dollars or what the compensation would be for a global resolution” of the Roundup cases.

Roundup Verdicts Have Been Tremendous

The cases that have already been through litigation resulted in some of the most significant verdicts in history. In May, a jury in California awarded $2 billion to a couple who blamed their cancers on Roundup. A judge changed the verdict to $86 million, claiming the initial amount “it was beyond the legal limits allowed by legal precedent.” According to data compiled by Bloomberg, this verdict is the 8th largest ever awarded in a defective product claim.

Bayer and the Current Environmental Protection Agency Claim Roundup is Safe but Many Disagree.

Bayer, whose spokesman has not commented on settlement discussions, insists that Roundup is safe. Its ingredient Glyphosate is listed as a possible carcinogen in California under its toxic warnings law-Proposition 65. The current U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, however, does not agree that Glyphosate leads to cancer. CBS News reported August 9 that “The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) says it will no longer approve labels warning glyphosate is known to cause cancer.” EPA Administrator Andrew Wheeler said such labels are “irresponsible” in light of the EPA’s conclusions that “the chemical does not pose a cancer risk.” It remains to be seen whether California will be permitted to enforce proposition 65 for items containing Glyphosate.

Glyphosate is one of the most commonly used herbicides across the globe. Farmers, field workers, and others who work closely with the weed killer may be most at risk for adverse effects. The chemical is also, however, found in many foods, including cookies, cereals, and juices. It is particularly prevalent in processed foods containing corn, soy, oats, and wheat. While the EPA concluded that it is not a known carcinogen, many other organizations strongly disagree.

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