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There are reports that long term takers of the drug Elmiron, used to treat bladder conditions, may cause maculopathy, which damages the retina and can lead to blindness.

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    Did You Take Elmiron?

    Did you take Elmiron for an extended period of time? If so, consider whether your vision has suffered. Do you have trouble reading or seeing in dim lighting? If so, Elmiron might be the cause. Research indicates there is a link between Elmiron maculopathy.

    Can You Collect Damages?

    If you developed vision problems during or after taking Elmiron, the maker of this defective drug should be held accountable. You might be able to obtain monetary compensation. Damages can cover things like your medical expenses, lost income, and pain and suffering.

    How Can We Help?

    Our experienced lawyers know how to hold drug companies responsible when medications injure patients. We have the skills and resources to fight complex cases like Elmiron. Call now, learn how we can help you collect damages.

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    If you have been a long-term user of Elmiron and suffered blindness, vision loss, or other vision problems, you might be able to file a lawsuit. Janssen Pharmaceuticals, Inc. is the manufacturer of Elmiron and has the legal responsibility to warn you about the dangers of taking Elmiron. Janssen’s failure to warn patients that Elmiron could lead to maculopathy and blindness may result in legal liability.

    What does this mean for you? It means that if you suffered vision loss while taking Elmiron, the manufacturer might have to provide you with compensation for your injuries. Compensation from an Elmiron lawsuit can include payment for current and future medical bills, lost income, future income, and emotional distress. In some defective drug claims, victims can collect punitive damages.

    Alonso Krangle, LLP, is interviewing people who might be eligible to file Elmiron lawsuits. How do you know if you are a potential candidate to file an Elmiron lawsuit? Consider the questions below and whether they might apply to you or someone you love. If they do, call Alonso Krangle, LLP, right away for a free evaluation of your Elmiron lawsuit.

    Our defective drug lawyers have the skill and experience to handle complex defective drug claims and do so with tenacity and compassion. Call our Elmiron lawyers today at 800-403-6191. Find out if you can obtain compensation from Janssen Pharmaceuticals, Inc., the manufacturers of the defective drug Elmiron.

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    • Did you take Elmiron regularly?
    • Did you suffer vision loss during or after taking Elmiron?
    • Did you become blind during or after taking Elmiron?
    • Did you experience other problems with your vision while taking Elmiron?
    • Did anyone notify you that blindness was a possible side effect of taking Elmiron?

    Researchers Find A Connection Between Taking Elmiron and Maculopathy

    A research team at Emory Medical School found a link between using Elmiron and developing maculopathy. Maculopathy is a retinal disorder that can lead to blindness.

    Maculopathy, unfortunately, often goes undetected until the victim’s vision is severely damaged. Over time, indications of maculopathy can include difficulty reading, trouble seeing in low-lit areas, and spots. Eventually, blindness can occur as the damage to your retina worsens.

    There is no warning to patients or doctors that Elmiron can cause maculopathy. While patients are taking Elmiron to ease bladder issues, they have no idea that the defective drug can be causing them to become blind. The drug manufacturer should be held responsible for failing to share the risks of taking Elmiron with the public.

    Elmiron Blindness and Eye Exams

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Being in a situation where you are considering filing a lawsuit can be extremely stressful.
    Below are some of the more common questions we hear from prospective clients of our firm.

    1 Do I Even Need a Lawyer to Help Me With My Case?
    2 I Don’t Have Any Money, How Do I Pay My Lawyer?
    3 I Have Decided I Want a Lawyer, Who Should I Select?
    4 I Keep Hearing About “Negligence”. What Is It?
    5 If I Have a Lawyer, Can I Switch to Alonso Krangle?
    1 Do I Even Need a Lawyer to Help Me With My Case?

    Do I Even Need a Lawyer to Help Me With My Case?

    There are times when you can resolve a legal dispute without a lawyer. But, there are rarely simple cases. Cases involving defective drugs can be quite complex, and it is extremely important that you consult with an attorney to make sure you know your legal rights.


    It is certainly possible that after discussing your Elmiron case with an attorney that you will decide you don’t want help. But most times, you will need a defective drug lawyer to make sure your legal rights are protected and that you receive all the compensation that is available to you under the law.


    2 I Don’t Have Any Money, How Do I Pay My Lawyer?

    Do I Need Money to Hire Your Law Firm for My Elmiron Case?

    Most lawyers who handle defective drug cases handle them on a contingency fee basis.


    This means that you do not have to pay any money to the lawyer at the beginning.


    If your Elmiron case is resolved successfully, then the lawyer gets a percentage of the recovery.


    3 I Have Decided I Want a Lawyer, Who Should I Select?

    I Have Decided I Want a Lawyer, Who Should I Select?

    Selecting an attorney is a personal decision.


    You should spend some time researching the lawyers you are considering.


    Some questions you should ask are:


    • Does the lawyer have experience with defective drug cases?
    • Has the lawyer taken time to speak with you about your Elmiron lawsuit on the phone or in-person?
    • Has the lawyer fully explained what your legal rights are?
    • Will the lawyer be handling your case personally or working with another law firm
    4 I Keep Hearing About “Negligence”. What Is It?

    I Keep Hearing About “Negligence”. What Is It?

    Simply put, it is the failure to use reasonable care.


    It is doing something which a reasonably prudent person would not do or failing to do that which a reasonably prudent person would do.


    In defective drug cases like those involving Elmiron, negligence of the manufacturer might include failing to warn patients that the drug can cause blindness, or producing a drug the company should have known was dangerous.

    5 If I Have a Lawyer, Can I Switch to Alonso Krangle?

    If I Have a Lawyer, Can Switch to Alonso Krangle?

    Yes. If you wish to change lawyers, you are permitted to do so. Your case does not belong to your lawyer.


    Just like you can choose any lawyer you wish, you have the choice to change lawyers if you wish.


    If you choose to change lawyers, you will be asked to sign certain documents by your new lawyer which will allow for the change.


    Most importantly, it will not affect the total attorney’s fees that you are charged.


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