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Paraquat Lawsuit For Parkinson’s Disease

Alonso Krangle, LLP is Reviewing Paraquat Lawsuit Claims

Paraquat is a toxic herbicide banned in many countries because of its link to dangerous health conditions, including Parkinson’s disease. It is used in the US to control the growth of weeds and other unwanted vegetation. Agricultural workers and individuals with licenses to apply herbicides are at most risk of succumbing to the dangers associated with exposure to Paraquat.

Paraquat has a long, controversial history. Its safety has been in question for decades, with studies linking it to a variety of diseases and illnesses, including Parkinson’s. Interest in the dangers of Paraquat has re-emerged after Dutch neurologist and professor, Bastiaan Bloem, MD, claimed in his new book that during the next 20 years, the number of people with Parkinson’s will double. He stands firm in his conviction that the cause of this jump is widespread exposure to toxic herbicides used in farming and manufacturing.

If you or someone you know was exposed to Paraquat and developed Parkinson’s disease, you might be eligible to file a lawsuit against the makers of this dangerous chemical. Farmworkers, agricultural workers, and others who apply herbicides may be the victims of negligence and have the right to collect damages.

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Paraquat is Toxic to Humans

Paraquat, like many pesticides, is highly toxic to humans. The US Environmental Protection Agency classifies Paraquat as a “restricted use” chemical. You must have a commercial license to use it. Paraquat is dangerous enough that in the US, it must have a colored dye and strong odor added to it to decrease the likelihood that someone will accidentally ingest it. It must also contain a substance to induce vomiting should someone swallow it.

The list of problems that can occur with ingestion, skin exposure, and inhaling of Paraquat is long. Yet, it continues to be one of the most widely used herbicides in our nation. Its popularity is second only to Roundup- which has now been linked to non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma. Roundup, like Paraquat, is the subject of many lawsuits filed by individuals seeking compensation from the manufacturers for exposing them to these dangerous chemicals.

Parkinson’s Disease and Paraquat

Links between Paraquat and Parkinson’s disease date back to 2011 when the National Institute of Health (NIH) conducted a study called the Farming and Movement Evaluation (FAME).
Researchers involved in FAME and a large study called the Agricultural Health Study (AHS) determined that people were two and a half more times likely to develop Parkinson’s after exposure to Paraquat. At that time, Syngenta, the Swiss manufacturer of Paraquat, claimed that agricultural workers were actually less likely to develop Parkinson’s.

Since these early studies, there has been more and more confirmation that Paraquat is linked to causing Parkinson’s disease. The National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences, part of the NIH, and a co-author of the FAME study made it clear that data from the FAME study was persuasive. In a report from 2016, the EPA confirmed its belief that Paraquat is highly toxic to humans through all manner of exposure.

Other studies also demonstrate a correlation between exposure to Paraquat and Parkinson’s.

  • A study in 2012 showed that individuals with a particular genetic variation and were exposed to Paraquat were 11 times more likely to develop Parkinson’s disease.
  • A Reuters report on one study examining the relationship between Paraquat, traumatic brain injury (TBI), and Parkinson’s disease. That study found no concrete evidence of causation. Still, it did suggest that individuals with TBI who were then exposed to toxic chemicals like Paraquat, might be vulnerable to other diseases of the brain.
  • Another study used a gene-editing technique to identify specific genes that could lead to Parkinson’s after exposure to Paraquat. The same study determined that Paraquat was capable of killing cells.

Paraquat is Banned Around the Globe

Countries around the world have banned Paraquat. The European Union, Thailand, China, and even Switzerland, where its manufacturer continues to produce the toxic product, have stopped using Paraquat. Efforts to ban Paraquat have been in motion in the US for years. In 2017, the Michael J. Fox Foundation for Parkinson’s Research urged the EPA to prohibit the use of Paraquat in this country.

Legislation Proposed to Eliminate Paraquat

In 2019, The Protect Against Paraquat Act was introduced to Congress by New York Representative Nydia Velasquez. In this proposed legislation, she points to the growing link between Paraquat and Parkinson’s, including one study showing a 200-600 percent increased risk to young adults exposed to Paraquat. In support of this legislation, the MJFF submitted a petition to Congress with more than 100,000 signatures.

Parkinson’s Disease Ravages the Mind and Body

Parkinson’s disease can be torture for the victim as well as family members. Watching someone you love lose the ability to dress himself, feed herself, and walk is not easy. Symptoms of Parkinson’s disease affect motor skills, causing tremors, imbalance, rigidity, vocal changes, walking problems, and slowness. Parkinson’s can also lead to cognitive decline, personality changes, hallucinations, urinary tract infections, and sleep disturbances.

Imagine knowing that exposure to a chemical, known to be toxic, caused this disease; a chemical banned around the world because it is so dangerous; a chemical that continues to be manufactured despite evidence that it causes Parkinson’s and other deadly illnesses.

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People are filing lawsuits alleging Paraquat caused their Parkinson’s and other injuries.
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