You Will Find Loads of Arts and Entertainment in Melville, NY

Melville Arts and Entertainment

Melville, New York Has Something For Everyone

If you live in Melville, Long Island, you know that the variety of things to do in the area can be overwhelming. There are beaches, parks, hiking trails, golf courses, roller skating rinks, ice skating rinks, sporting events, recreational sports teams, bowling alleys, movie theaters, music venues, comedy clubs, concert halls, museums, theaters, restaurants, and more!

Melville itself is home to some of these options and has a wide array of opportunities to experience all types of arts and entertainment. If you cast your net a little wider than Melville, you will find even more.

Melville Offers Fun Activities For the Family

You might consider heading to play miniature golf or going to an adventure park for ropes climbing. You can also make an entire day out of Melville’s large amusement park that has rides, food, and plenty of games to keep everyone busy and happy. Visiting one of the local farms is another wonderful way to spend time in Melville.

On a rainy day, you can catch a movie at one of several movie theaters in and around Melville. There are plenty of places in Melville where you or your family can learn art, dance, acting, singing, athletic skills, and participate in other creative and sports-related endeavors. Bowling is a popular sport in the area, and you can enjoy a slew of activities at one of the local alleys.

Plenty of Music and Theater in Around Melville

For music and theater adventures, Melville is very close to some fantastic venues. You can head to downtown Huntington to see one of your favorite bands or comedians or catch a live musical performance outside on the sidewalk. Not too far West of Melville is an iconic Long Island venue that that has performances “in the round.” Head Northeast from Melville for about 15 minutes, and you will find a gem of a theater tucked away in a waterfront village. This venue puts on Broadway-quality productions as well as shows geared specifically to children.

Melville Offers a Look at Long Island’s History

Melville is in the Town of Huntington, which has a rich history, and there are plenty of opportunities to learn about this special part of Long Island. You can start on Route 110, Melville’s main thoroughfare that leads into Huntington, where you can visit Walt Whitman’s birthplace, an NYS historic site.

The Huntington Historical Society works to preserve local history by maintaining museums, sponsoring events, and giving tours of the area. You might want to see some sites like the Kissam House, the Conklin Farmhouse or visit the society’s Antiques and Collectibles Shop. If you enjoy touring historic homes, you will find plenty in and around Melville.
Not too far away, you can visit a colonial restoration village which allows visitors to get a real feel for what it was like to live on Long Island during colonial times. This village museum is a popular spot for field trips and visitors from all over who want an immersive, historical experience.

Enjoy Melville’s Variety of Restaurants

If you find eating in restaurants entertaining, Melville has something to satisfy every palate. Restaurants pack the Town of Huntington from the waterfront in Huntington Village to some of the jewels located on Route 110’s commercial corridor; you will find everything you crave; sports bars, chain restaurants, ethnic cuisine, trendy bars, and clubs. Many places also have live music, which can make an outing in Melville quite special.

Melville’s Arts and Entertainment Scene is Alive and Well

Melville offers residents and visitors convenient and satisfying options for everyone. Museums, history, music, art, food, and adventure are available to all. The hard part is deciding what to choose!