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Melville New York is One of Long Islands’ Bustling Business Centers

Melville’s busy commercial corridor of Route 110 was once potato farms. Today, however, Melville is widely known as one of Long Island’s busiest and most desirable areas for commercial activity. It is often referred to as the hub of the Long Island business community.

Thousands of businesses make Melville their home, ranging from small mom-and-pop stores to Fortune 500 companies. You can find manufacturing, banking, food and hospitality, retail, and so much more in Melville. Its easy accessibility, beautiful office buildings, and proximity to hotels help make Melville is a prime spot for commerce.

Businesses in Melville Vary in Size and Specialty

Some of the largest businesses with headquarters in Melville include a mortgage company, a consulting and staffing company, and a health care product company on the list of Fortune’s World’s Most Admired Companies. Another is one of the world’s largest camera companies. Melville is also home to a division of a large, popular cosmetics company.

The area boasts one of the largest concentrations of commercial activity on Long Island, which attracts an incredibly diverse group of businesses.

In many of Melville’s office buildings, which are generally low-rise, suburban office “parks,” you can find nearly any business. There are banks, logistics companies, finance companies, product distributors, law offices, educational companies, suppliers, medical offices, insurance companies, accountants, wholesalers, printers, and tech companies, to name a few.

The growth of business in Melville has contributed to its booming hotel industry. Close to many of the office centers, you can find several large-chain hotels where clients can stay. These hotels play host to many commercial-related events like trade shows, EXPOS, conferences, and showcases. These events, many of which are sponsored by local industry, draw participants from Long Island, NYC, across the country and globe.

No center of business is complete without plenty of places to eat. Whether it is to satisfy the people who work in Melville, their clients and customers who visit, or the ones who make Melville their home, there are plenty of restaurants in Melville to satisfy every appetite. Several places cater to the “business lunch” or “client dinner” scene, like the local steakhouse. Others draw large business crowds with upscale Italian food, trendy bars, and diverse cuisine.

Plenty of restaurants cater to the residents of Melville also, serving delicious food with little fuss – pizza places, fast-casual restaurants, and mom-and-pop-run places serving up ethnic delights know their customers and satisfy them all.

How Did Melville Develop Into Long Island’s Premiere Commercial Center?

Melville’s Route 110, up until the 1950s, was the major roadway used to transport goods from the south shore of Long Island to Huntington in the north. Old Country Road, also running right through Melville, served the same purpose but in an east-to-west capacity.

Long Island began to experience a shift away from agriculture after WWII, and Melville was no exception. In part due to the extension of the Long Island Expressway, the widening of Route 110, and the completion of the Northern State Parkway, Melville experienced massive industrial growth. However, manufacturing and industry began to slow in Melville, and many manufacturing facilities were replaced with office buildings and office-based services and businesses.

Melville Continues to Thrive

Today, Melville is enjoying its reputation as Long Island’s commercial hub. The Town of Huntington, which includes Melville, continues to seek ways to attract even more businesses to the area and plan for Melville to continue being a critical part of Long Island’s economy. With its proximity to transportation, NYC and several airports, Melville continues to be a thriving commercial center for small and large businesses.

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