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Alonso Krangle LLP has personal injury lawyers that handle legal claims in Wheatley Heights relating to auto accidents. If you were hurt in an automobile accident, connect with our attorneys. You may be able to receive substantial damages.

How many women and men endure injuries due to crashes on our roadways? A huge number of men and women are injured each year in New York as a result of automobile accidents. Hundreds of women and men pass away because of their accidental injuries.

Negligence can cause a great number of these crashes. When you are hurt due to some other party’s carelessness, you have rights. You might be able to recover payment from the liable party.

If you are hurt in one of these accidents, it could possibly impact your daily life. As an example:

  • Do you require ongoing medical treatment?
  • Can you work a job?
  • Do you have to have medicine for pain and suffering?
  • Is your quality of life just like it had been before the accident?
  • Do you experience depression?
  • Are you in a position to pay for your doctor bills?
  • Are your personal debts piling up?

Holding Drivers Liable

When the negligence of another person makes you endure harm bodily, psychologically, or monetarily, somebody should be held responsible. You will need legal help in seeking payment by getting in touch with our personal injury attorneys.

At Alonso Krangle LLP, you’ll find attorneys having practical experience and skills. Our lawyers know how to take on lawsuits regarding motor vehicle collisions for clientele in Wheatley Heights. We can assist you to obtain compensation if you have been hurt by someone else’s negligence and recklessness. Our attorneys want to help you receive just and substantial compensation.

Why Do You Need Accident Lawyers After a Motor Vehicle Accident?

Some individuals hurt in accidents assume they just don’t need lawyers. They assume if they work with things by themselves, they are going to receive considerably more damage awards. Insurance carriers like these men and women. Why? Mainly because women and men who choose to not retain the services of personal injury lawyers are quick to agree to small settlements. Insurance providers usually offer a lot less than victims deserve.

Personal injury attorneys at Alonso Krangle LLP assist women and men in Wheatley Heights to receive the compensation they are entitled to. We know the right way to speak to insurance providers. We understand how to demonstrate proof of your personal injuries. We can ensure settlement talks are reasonable. We are able to bring your claim to trial if that is the most effective chance to obtain the final result you want. Our accident lawyers do what is required to help obtain our clients the highest compensation the law permits.

What Automobile Accidents Do Our Injury Lawyers Tackle?

Auto collisions are the most common accidents while traveling causing accidental injuries. At Alonso Krangle LLP, our lawyers tackle cases in Wheatley Heights concerning all kinds of auto accidents. Negligence that may cause motor vehicle accidents generally fit into one of these categories:

Distracted Driving Crashes

Distracted driving accidents involve actions that cause individuals to not be focused on the road. For example:

  • texting while driving a car
  • using a smart phone when driving a car
  • using GPS navigation while driving
  • adjusting the radio
  • talking while driving a car
  • applying make up while driving a vehicle
  • snacking while driving a vehicle
  • smoking cigarettes while driving a car

Distracted driving may cause drivers to have slowed responses on the road. It likewise results in individuals to commit traffic offenses. Distracted driving is frequently the actual trigger of automobile crashes and injuries.

Construction Zone Car Accidents

Construction zones in Wheatley Heights are a danger to everyone. Construction such as this often triggers impatience in motorists. Construction zones mandate cars to operate at a slower speed. These projects normally require lane closures as well as changed merging patterns. People frequently become irritated and normally disregard the regulations. The result? Car accidents.

Driving While Intoxicated Accidents

Driving while intoxicated is against the law. Driving drunk affects many men and women each year. Alcoholic beverages hurt reaction time. Alcoholic drinks also make individuals drowsy. It can additionally make motorists operate cars recklessly. Driving drunk can result in a criminal arrest and conviction. Civil claims are different. Individuals who are driving under the influence can certainly be responsible for damages after they cause crashes and injuries.

Accidents Brought on by Driving While Impaired by Narcotics

Driving under the influence of drugs is likewise illegal. It leads to the equivalent conditions as drunk driving.

Rear End Accidents

Rear-end collisions occur whenever one car gets struck from behind by another driver. Distracted drivers typically may cause rear-end collisions.

Multi Car Collisions

Multi-car accidents consist of greater than two vehicles. Multi-car accident legal claims can often become complex. They often involve a number of insurance companies. They can also involve negligence by a number of people.

Head-on Accidents

Head-On auto accidents frequently result in deadly injuries. What can cause head-on accidents?

  • Swirving between traffic lanes
  • Making an attempt to pass other cars without enough room
  • Driving a vehicle on the incorrect side of the highway


Side Impact Accidents

Side-impact auto accidents happen at intersections in the road. Individuals that ignore traffic lights and stop signs normally cause side-impact accidents.

Reckless Driving Accidents

Reckless driving crashes are caused by driving too fast, driving too close, moving in and out of other vehicles, and ignoring traffic signs.

Accidents Caused By Malfunctioning Parts

Crashes caused by malfunctioning car parts can be severe. Negligence and recklessness committed by the car or car parts manufacturer may result in collisions and injuries. For instance, in cases where brakes, seat belts or safety airbags fail, the maker of the motor vehicle or the maker of the car parts could be held responsible.

Crashes Resulting From Bad Road Conditions

Car accidents the result of unsafe road conditions can mean government entities or a highway construction company could be held responsible.

Contact Alonso Krangle LLP to Find Out More About Filing an Automobile Injury Lawsuit In Wheatley Heights

New York has laws that restrict the time to start lawsuits related to automobile accidents. Don’t delay. Contact Alonso Krangle LLP. Our lawyers take care of automobile accident lawsuits in Wheatley Heights. Call (800) 403-6191 today and learn how you can recover the damages you deserve.

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