Our Lawyers Are Reviewing Exploding Nutribullet Blender Lawsuits

Exploding Nutribullet Lawyers

Our Lawyers Are Reviewing Exploding Nutribullet Lawsuits

Victims across the country are filing lawsuits to collect compensation for injuries caused by exploding Nutribullet blenders. The lawsuits claim that Nutribullet blenders are defectively designed and dangerous. The lawsuits also claim that the makers of Nutribullet were negligent and should be liable for the injuries caused by this defective product.

Our lawyers at Alonso Krangle, LLP are reviewing Nutribullet lawsuits now for individuals who suffered injuries due to exploding Nutribullet blenders. We have decades of experience representing victims injured because of defective and dangerous consumer products. Call our lawyers today at (800) 403-6191 for a free evaluation. Find out if you are entitled to collect compensation for your Nutribullet injuries.

Exploding Nutribullet Blenders Lead to Lawsuits

Homeland Housewares, LLC manufactures and distributes the Nutribullet, Magic Bullet and other food prep products. The Nutribullet lawsuits name Homeland Housewares, LLC as the defendant responsible for the victims’ injuries.

Nutribullet lawsuits allege the manufacturer could have made the products safer to prevent them from exploding and causing injuries. Victims’ claim that Nutribullet blenders are defectively designed and that the negligence of Homeland Housewares directly caused them to suffer injuries.

Why Are Nutribullet Blenders Exploding?

The Nutribullet blender has long been advertised as a fast, easy, compact way to enjoy healthy drinks. You can fill the cup, attach it to the blade, press a button, and drink the smooth contents. Unfortunately, for some people, the Nutribullet blender did not work as promised.

Nutribullet blenders are powerful blenders designed for “nutrition extraction.” They are extremely powerful, high speed blenders with blades that pulverize food in one minute. They are designed to maximize the amount of nutrition you get “from every ingredient.”

What is the problem with Nutribullet blenders? When you use a Nutribullet blender, the pulverizing high speed blades result in intense friction. The friction causes the contents of the blender to heat up resulting in a buildup of pressure.

While the Nutribullet is running, the cup can separate from the blade – essentially projecting the cup and exploding its contents. The flying cup itself can injure anyone standing nearby as can the hot liquid spewing in all directions. Once the cup explodes off the base, the spinning blade can cause severed fingers and deep cuts.

When friction causes the pressure inside the blender to increase, the hot contents of Nutribullet blenders can also explode onto users when they remove the cap after completing the blending process.

Lawsuits Allege Nutribullet is Defectively Designed and Homeland Housewares is Negligent

Manufacturers of consumer products have several legal obligations. For example, they must take reasonable steps to ensure the safety of their products. They must exercise reasonable care to prevent injuries to the people who use their products as intended. When manufacturers fail to use reasonable care to prevent injuries, they are negligent. When negligence results in harm, manufacturers might have to pay compensation to the victims.

Nutribullet lawsuits contain claims that when used according to instructions, Nutribullet blenders are not safe and could be safer if the manufacturer exercised reasonable care. For example, maybe a pressure light indicator or pressure release valve would make Nutribullet blender explosions less likely.

Nutribullet claims that the explosions and injuries are the result of user negligence – that people are not following the proper instructions. Homeland Housewares, the manufacturer of Nutribullet blenders feels that people who suffered injuries must have put hot liquids in the blender or kept it running for longer than 60 seconds.

Victims who have filed Nutribullet lawsuits state that the blenders actually exploded after less than 60 seconds and while blending cool or room-temperature items.

Exploding Nutribullet Blenders Can Cause Severe Injuries

Nutribullet blenders contain extremely sharp blades, using hundreds of watts of power to pulverize food. Surely you can imagine the injuries that can occur if something goes wrong.

Victims have reported some of the following injuries caused by exploding Nutribullet blenders:

  • Burns
  • Lacerations
  • Pain
  • Severed fingers
  • Damage to nerves
  • Severed and lacerated tendons
  • Disfigurement
  • Eye injuries
  • Limited mobility

The above Nutribullet injuries can result in the need for surgery, physical therapy, medication, and mental health treatment. Some may cause permanent physical and emotional injuries that require a lifetime of attention and treatment.

All because of a defectively designed blender and a negligent manufacturer.

You might be entitled to collect compensation for your Nutribullet injuries. Call our lawyers today at Alonso Krangle, LLP to find out if you can file an exploding Nutribullet lawsuit.

Has There Been a Nutribullet Recall?

Nutribullet blenders have not been recalled. They are still being sold in stores and online. Homeland Housewares does not think Nutribullet blenders are dangerous, despite all the reported explosions, injuries, and lawsuits.

Nutribullet sells various blender models, none of which have been recalled. They include:

  • Nutribullet RX
  • Nutribullet Pro
  • Nutribullet Original
  • Nutribullet Select
  • Nutribullet Balance
  • Nutribullet Pro 900
  • Nutribullet Pro 1000
  • Nutribullet Smart Touch

If any of these Nutribullet blenders exploded and caused you to suffer injuries, consider filing a lawsuit against the manufacturer.

You Might Entitled to Compensation for Your Nutribullet Injuries

If you suffered injuries because of a Nutribullet explosion, we want to help you collect the maximum amount of damages allowed by law. Compensation for Nutribullet injuries can include:

  • Medical expenses including doctor’s visits, hospital costs, physical therapy and other treatments
  • Future medical expenses such as ongoing therapies, medications and surgeries
  • Lost wages or earning capacity
  • Pain and suffering
  • Emotional trauma
  • Loss of enjoyment of life
  • Loss of consortium

If you have been injured by a Nutribullet blender, find out if you are entitled to collect damages by calling our lawyers today.

How Much is My Nutribullet Lawsuit Worth?

There are no guarantees that an exploding Nutribullet blender lawsuit will result in compensation. The outcome of every lawsuit depends on the individual facts, circumstances, and injuries of each one.

Nutribullet recently settled a class action suit related to exploding blenders for $10 million.

There is a Time Limit to File Nutribullet Lawsuits

Every state has a statute of limitations, which is a time limit to file lawsuits. We can’t know how much time you have left until we hear the facts of your case. Don’t wait to call – we want to ensure you protect your legal rights before it’s too late.

Call Alonso Krangle, LLP to Find Out if You Can File a Nutribullet Lawsuit

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