Study Reveals Increased Risk of Breast Cancer From Hair Dye & Relaxers

Hair Dye and Relaxers Cancer Lawyers

Our Lawyers Are Investigating Latest Study That Shows Using Permanent Hair Dye, and Relaxers Increases the Risk of Breast Cancer

The use of permanent hair dye has been linked to the risk of breast cancer in women. In a news release by the National Institutes of Health (NIH), a recent study found that the regular use of permanent hair dye and chemical relaxers may significantly increase the risk of breast cancer.

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Cancer Study Surveyed Tens of Thousands of Women Representing All 50 States

The International Journal of Cancer published a news release on December 4, 2019, regarding the results of a study into the use of hair chemicals and cancer. The study utilized data collected by the Sister Study, a larger research project being conducted by the National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences (NIEHS) into the causes of breast cancer in women.

The research into hair dye and relaxers involved a survey of almost 47,000 women. The participants in the survey were 35 to 74 years old and from across the country. No participants had a personal history of breast cancer, but all had a sister who did. The average follow-up window was approximately eight years.

Research Unveils Higher Risk of Breast Cancer in Women Using Permanent Hair Dye

The results determined that compared to women who did not use permanent hair dye:

  • The use of permanent hair dye increased the risk of breast cancer by 9% among all women
  • The use of permanent hair dye by non-Hispanic white women increased the risk of breast cancer by 7%
  • African-American women who used hair dye at least every 5-8 weeks had a 60% higher risk of breast cancer
  • African-American women who used any permanent hair dye in the year prior to enrolling in the study had a 45% higher breast cancer risk
  • The use of semi-permanent or temporary hair dye was not associated with any breast cancer risk

According to research, approximately 1/3 of all women over the age of 18 dye their hair. Hair products contain thousands of chemicals, some of which are hormone disrupters and possible carcinogens, both of which can affect the development of cancer.

If you are a regular user of hair dye and were diagnosed with breast cancer, there may be a link between the two. Call our lawyers today to learn more about your legal rights when a dangerous product causes cancer.

Study Shows Chemical Hair Relaxers Increases the Risk of Breast Cancer

The survey also included questions about the use of chemical hair relaxers . The results showed that:

  • Women who used chemical hair relaxers every 5-8 weeks in the year prior to joining the study had an approximately 30% higher risk of breast cancer compared to those who didn’t use chemical relaxers.
  • The increased risk was similar between Caucasian women and African-American women. However, African-American women were more likely to use hair relaxers than other women.

According to the co-author of the study, although there is some prior evidence to support the association between breast cancer and chemical relaxers , these results should be replicated with additional research.

Some relaxers products contain formaldehyde, which is classified by the Environmental Protection Agency as a possible human carcinogen.

Product Liability Law Holds Manufacturers Responsible When Their Products Cause Injuries

Manufacturers have duties to ensure their products are reasonably safe. They must take precautions and warn consumers of the risks that come with using their products. The failure to warn of known risks or risks they should have known about can result in legal liability. In the case of permanent hair dye or chemical relaxers , it is too soon to know if the manufacturers of these products were negligent and legally responsible for putting something dangerous on the market.

Our lawyers at Alonso Krangle, LLP are looking into the legal issues and facts to find out if consumers who developed cancer can file claims against the makers of hair dye and chemical relaxers .

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