Sexual Abuse by the Clergy Destroys Lives. Call for Help Now

Clergy Abuse in Catholic Church, Baptist Church, Mormon Church, Judaism

Clergy Abuse of Children in Our Religious Institutions is Destroying Young Lives

If you were abused by a clergy member, you might be able to pursue a civil lawsuit to collect monetary damages.

Sexual abuse by a religious figure was at one time unheard of. We now know that the silence did not mean it was not happening. While people kept quiet, thousands of children across the nation were victims of sexual abuse at the hands of manipulative predators within houses of worship.

The effects of sexual abuse on a child are devastating and often lead to a life of struggle and hardship. Abuse by a trusted religious figure can ruin the future of the innocent victim. Learning that other adults knew of sexual abuse, failed to help you, and took steps to hide their knowledge is a betrayal from which one may never recover.

If someone with religious authority has sexually abused you, consider finding out if you have the right to file a lawsuit to try and collect monetary damages from those responsible. Seeking justice is often the first step toward healing from the deep emotional wounds that sexual abuse causes. To find out more about protecting your legal rights and holding your abusers accountable, contact Alonso Krangle, LLP, our clergy abuse lawyers in New York.

Update: NYS Extends Deadline To File Cases Until August 14, 2021

Reports Reveal Sexual Abuse of Children by Clergy Within the Catholic Church

It is no secret that allegations of sexual abuse by priests and other clergy members in the Catholic Church are rampant. Investigations have revealed thousands of victims of abuse. There are reports of sexual abuse that took place decades ago as well as victims coming forward with very recent abuse allegations. The problem is an insidious one that has ruined the lives of many people who have been forced to live in silent shame and confusion.

Reports also allege that the Catholic Church knew that sexual abuse was occurring and engaged in an elaborate plan to cover up the acts of its clergy. Many victims who tried to come forward were called liars, punished by their churches and parents. At times, the church would quietly transfer a clergy member who “crossed a line” and sent that person to another parish with no warning to its members, only for him to abuse more children. It is unimaginable that such a powerful religious institution could use its power to condone and perpetuate sexual abuse of its children silently.

The Roman Catholic Church has established a fund for victims who wish to come forward and collect monetary damages. However, victims also have the right to file a civil lawsuit and face their abusers directly. If any of the following individuals abused you, protect your rights immediately:

  • Diocesan Priests
  • Nuns
  • Deacons
  • Ministers
  • Seminary Officials
  • Bishops
  • Religious Order Priests
  • Religious Order Brothers

There may still be time for you to file a case against the Catholic Church and hold them accountable for the emotional trauma you have suffered. Find out by contacting our New York sexual abuse lawyer Alonso Krangle, LLP.

Victims Come Forward to Reveal Prevalent Sexual Abuse By The Baptist Church

Other reports indicate that sexual abuse in the Baptist Church is as prevalent as it is in the Catholic Church. Like most religions, the Baptist Church teaches its congregants, including children, to revere and respect its religious leaders. Pastors and church leaders are authoritative and influential. They exert a tremendous amount of control over their congregants, and this can make create a dangerous climate for sexual abuse of children.

Unlike in the Catholic faith, Baptist Churches do not have a central agency or body governing them. They have no established vehicle for reporting known or possible sexual predators. This makes it easy for them to move preachers and pastors who are accused of molestation without anyone ever knowing that they are dealing with a dangerous person.

It is difficult to speak openly about sexual abuse as a child, especially when you are learning about forgiveness, punishment, and respect of your elders. As an adult, you are also dealing with shame, guilt, and confusion over what may or may not have occurred. Recently, victims have found the courage to come forward alleging that Baptist leaders in their churches sexually abused them. If a Baptist minister, pastor, deacon, or church official abused you when you were a child, consider reaching out to an attorney for help. Find out how you can hold your abuser, and the people who were supposed to protect you, accountable for the trauma you have endured.

Shedding Light On Sexual Abuse In Judaism Leads To More Lawsuits

In Judaism, like other religions, leaders are also held in high regard. Jews learn from a young age to respect their Rabbis, teachers, Cantors, and synagogue leaders. At Jewish community centers, Yeshiva schools, and in houses of worship, Jewish children are entrusted to the care of these leaders.

Children in these places should receive protection from sexual abuse. Unfortunately, as with other religions, sexual abuse does occur. Despite the tendency for sexual abuse in Jewish institutions to go unreported, there is evidence that at least one Yeshiva permitted a known sexually abusive Rabbi to continue teaching young children.

The damage to children who suffer abuse at the hands of religious leaders is staggering. The betrayal of trust can have lifelong effects. Hopefully, more victims of child sexual abuse by Jewish clergy will have the courage to come forward and protect their legal rights. Holding leaders responsible when they fail to protect innocent children is part of recovering from your ordeal. You may still have time to file a lawsuit and see justice served.

Sexual Abuse In The Mormon Church Is a Well-Kept Secret

The culture of the Mormon Church or Church Of Jesus Christ Of Latter-Day Saints is one of isolation and insularity. The members of the Mormon Church often keep to themselves and have stringent rules by which members must live if they are to remain in good standing. Mormon leaders have a reputation of being intolerant of behavior that tarnishes the image of the church.

Sexual abuse inside the church is treated with similar insularity. Cases of reported sexual abuse by Mormon Clergy are handled from within and tend to focus on shielding the accused not the victim. The secrecy and strictness of the church might make it hard for Mormon victims of sex abuse to speak publicly and pursue criminal and civil remedies.

Contact Alonso Krangle, LLP if A Member of the Clergy Sexually Abused You

It is difficult to overcome the stigma and shame that many victims of sexual abuse encounter. When the person who abused you is a trusted member of your families’ religious life, the difficulty is magnified.

You don’t have to face the aftermath of sexual abuse alone. Thousands of victims are coming forward with stories similar to yours: “A Clergy member sexually abused me when I was a child. I told the church leaders. They did not help me. How can I hold them responsible?”

Call Alonso Krangle, LLP if you wish to learn more about collecting monetary damages the law may allow. Sexual abuse of children by members of Judaism, Catholic, Mormon, and Baptist Churches, should not go unpunished. Call our office today at 800-403-6191 for a free consultation of your sexual abuse case.