Orthodox Jewish Sexual Abuse & NY Child Victims Act

Victims of Child Sexual Abuse in Jewish Orthodox Communities Can Now Pursue Legal Action

With the passage of the New York Child Victim’s Act, Albany has allowed the victims of childhood sexual abuse to bring an action against the institutions involved. Specifically, the law created a one-year window of opportunity for those age 55 and younger to file a suit for sexual abuse they suffered as children. Under prior law, if a lawsuit was not brought by age 23, victims were left without any legal remedy.

In the Orthodox Jewish community, many of the leaders are strongly opposed to this law. They have been some of the most outspoken against it since the bill was introduced.

The Orthodox Jewish community is a very tight and closed community, one in which the sexual abuse of children is often covered up. While some have fought to have child sexual abuse acknowledged as a problem within their community, others have fought to cover up the problems.

Update: NYS Extends Deadline To File Cases Until August 14, 2021

Within this community, the act of an Orthodox Jew reporting a crime to secular (non-religious) authorities is considered worse than the original crime itself. Observant Jews need permission from their Rabbi to report such crimes, and that permission was withheld. Those few who came forward were ostracized from their community, lost jobs, children were expelled from school and other horrible acts of retaliation.

Under this new law, many, who were pressured to keep silent until age 23, can now come forward. There are many now who are older, wiser, and understand that they need to come forward, not only for their own peace and satisfaction, but to protect today’s children from sexual predators that continue to abuse children in the Orthodox Jewish community.

Under this new law, schools, temples and others may be liable for claims being brought by these victims. With so much suffering resulting from sexual exploitation, and then the subsequent abuse coercing them to keep silent, many are ready to come forward.

No victim coming forward has to worry they are the first. Thousands of claimants have already come forward against those who abused them sexually in New York. Tens of thousands more may also come forward during this year.

It is critical that victims come forward quickly, as there is a very limited one-year window of opportunity to bring claims. At the law firm of Alonso Krangle LLP, we focus on helping the victims of child sexual abuse in all forms, whether Orthodox Jewish, Catholic, Christian, Muslim, Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts or any other institution. Children were helpless victims, and those victims quickly lost their rights. For a brief time, those rights are restored.

If you or a loved one has been sexually abused by those in the Boy Scouts, Orthodox community, a school or other organization, contact our lawyers immediately. Thousands of cases are being filed, and the time to bring yours is limited. Call now for a confidential, discrete and compassionate discussion of your situation and your rights. Call (800) 403-6191 now.

Contact the Alonso Krangle today. We fight for victims. Let us protect you and your rights.

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