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February 2024: Blog Posts, Articles & News

An overturned truck on the side of the road, surrounded by debris and emergency vehicles.

Truck Accident Trends in New York: A Legal Insight

Truck Accident Statistics and Trends In recent years, truck accidents have become a significant concern on New York roads due
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Truck flipped over on side of road.

Truck Driver Fatigue in New York Truck Accidents

Understanding Truck Driver Fatigue Truck driver fatigue is a critical factor in many road accidents, and it is especially concerning
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Hidden Dangers in Obesity Drugs?

Hidden Dangers in Obesity Drugs

The Rush to Profit – Hidden Dangers in Obesity Drugs Pharmaceutical giant Pfizer’s continued aggressive stance in the obesity drug
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Person with missing tooth and teeth, possibly due to suboxone tooth decay claims.

Understanding Suboxone Tooth Decay Claims

Understanding Suboxone and Its Alleged Side Effects Suboxone, a medication often prescribed for opioid addiction treatment, has been a beacon
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X-ray of hip fracture with bone break in center.

Synovo Hip Implants: FDA Alert About Risks

Urgent Alert: FDA Warnings on Synovo Hip Implants The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has issued a critical warning
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A dentist examining a woman's teeth for tooth decay during a routine check-up.

Suboxone Lawsuits: Tooth Decay

Suboxone and Tooth Decay: Thousands of Victims Suboxone, a medication prescribed for opioid addiction, has been a lifeline for many.
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