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February 2024: Blog Posts, Articles & News

A hip replacement implant with a metal stem and a white ceramic ball, displayed on a blue surgical cloth.

The Dangers of Unauthorized Modifications to Medical Devices: Synovo Hip Replacement Case Study

The Dangers of Unauthorized Medical Device Modifications: Synovo Hip Replacement Case Study In the realm of medical devices, the safety
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A person slips and falls backwards on a snowy, icy path, legs in the air, wearing a gray jacket and a white hat, surrounded by a winter landscape.

Trip and Fall Accidents in New York

Understanding Your Rights After a Trip and Fall Accident Trip and fall accidents can happen anywhere and to anyone. When
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Ozempic Weight Loss Drugs - Know the Health Risks

Pharmaceutical Companies’ Pursuit of Weight-Loss Drug Market and Legal Implications

Pharmaceutical Giants Entering the Weight-Loss Drug Arena As the obesity market becomes increasingly lucrative, pharmaceutical companies like Amgen, Pfizer, and
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Individual using tape measure around stomach.

Anti-Obesity Drugs: Examining the Legal Risks of Emerging Medications

Concerns About New Anti-Obesity Drugs The landscape of obesity treatment is evolving rapidly with the introduction of new anti-obesity medications.
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A person kneeling next to a backpack, Slip and fall on the road .

New York Trip and Fall Laws

Trip and Fall Accidents and New York Law Trip and fall accidents can occur anywhere from public sidewalks to private
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Image of white ball gripped by metal object, fda-role-hip-replacement-image.

Understanding the FDA’s Role in Medical Device Safety: The Case of Synovo Hip Replacement System

Understanding the FDA’s Regulatory Oversight and Synovo Hip Replacement Systems The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) plays a pivotal
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Image of three syringes up close, including one with a needle, one without, and one for oral medication.

Anti-Obesity Medications: Assess the Risks & Legal Implications

The Effectiveness of New Anti-Obesity Medications New treatments in the fight against weight, anti-obesity medications such as tirzepatide (Zepbound®) and
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Caution: Wet floor sign in a restaurant, indicating potential slip hazards.

Health Impacts of Slip and Fall Accidents

Health Impact on Slip and Fall Accident Victims If you experience a slip and fall incident, your immediate response significantly
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Blue electronic devices being held by a person.

Prescription Weight-Loss Drugs: Pros, Cons, and Legal Perspectives

Prescription weight-loss drugs are designed for individuals struggling with obesity-related health issues who have not achieved sufficient results through diet
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Mechanic in blue overalls repairing a truck.

The Impact of Truck Maintenance on New York Road Safety

Involved in a Truck Accident? Poor Maintenance May Have Contributed Regular maintenance of trucks is not just a matter of
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