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New York Child Victims Act Passed by Legislature, Opens Door to Sexual Abuse Lawsuits Against Clergy

After Years of Suffering, Children Sexually Abused by the Clergy Have Rights

For years, many victims of childhood sexual abuse were left to suffer, with no legal remedy in the state of New York. Laws known as “statutes of limitations” prevented many people who had molested and sexually abuse children from being criminally prosecuted and sued in civil court because too much time had elapsed. The New York Child Victims Act now extends the rights of those who were victims. This law allows them to bring criminal charges until they turn 28 years old. Additionally, victims can sue for damages until the age of 55.  These victims can finally file a sexual abuse lawsuit against the clergy. Whether a victim of sexual abuse by the Catholic Church clergy, Orthodox Jewish communities, or others with access to children, many of these people now have a right to their day in court.

Update: NYS Extends Deadline To File Cases Until August 14, 2021


For Years, the Law Protected the Perpetrators of Child Sexual Abuse

For many years, children who are the victims of sexual abuse, including molestation and rape, were victimized not only by the perpetrator but by the state of New York. Restrictive laws prevented many people from asserting their rights. Whether the victim of sexual abuse at a Catholic school, at a church, synagogue or other religious institution, they were again victimized by the political powers of Albany.

Many victims of child sexual abuse withdraw and repress memories. Others live in fear or depression, unable to take action after being the victim of sexual abuse as a child. While some have been fortunate enough to cope with the pain and suffering and come forward, many did so too late under the law.


The Impact on Victims of Sexual Child Abuse in New York is Tremendous

Given the unique nature of the heinous act of child molestation. The New York Child Victims Act gives them the opportunity to seek damages for the wrongs done to them. For some, this will give necessary financial relief to those who are unable to work, have undergone years of psychiatric and emotional medical care and more.

This new law is also an affirmation that we will care for victims.  The victims of sex abuse – preyed upon by sexual predators in the clergy – are not abandoned or forgotten. For decades claims have gone largely unanswered. Under this new law, the victims of sexual abuse can now move forward.


The New York Child Victims Act Give Rights to Victims of Childhood Sexual Abuse

in a bipartisan effort, both Republicans and Democrats in the Senate voted in favor of this bill. Likewise, the New York State Assembly supported it in a vote of 130-3.  After years of pressure by activists and officials who stood up for the victims of child sex abuse, they enacted the New York Child Victims Act.  Members of the clergy, religious institutions and religious schools can now be held accountable for their acts dating back many decades.


New York Law Creates a Narrow Window to Bring Claims for Sexual Abuse

The New York Child Victims Act creates a very specific window in which victims are able to commence legal actions and file criminal charges. This window starts six months from the date the law was enacted, and continues for one year thereafter. During this time, victims of child sex abuse, including those who are the victims of sex abuse by the church, clergy, synagogues, religious schools and others, can come forward and file their claims.


Those Impacted by Childhood Sexual Abuse by the Clergy Can Assert their Rights

For those individuals who were impacted by sexual abuse as a child, this means they can seek the legal help they need, file claims against the church, synagogue or other religious institution where they were abused, and seek damages.  Historically, many of the victims of sexual abuse at the hands of the clergy have been able to secure six and seven figure recoveries. However, there is no set rule and every case is different. Depending on the facts of the individual case, victims of sexual abuse may be able to recover different sums of money.


Get Help Now, While There is Still Time

if you were loved on was the victim of sexual abuse by the clergy? Whether a priest, minister, rabbi or other, at a church, temple, school or other location, you have legal rights. For a short window of time, the statute of limitations is been extended.  This law allows for the commencement of a lawsuit for damages, as compensation for the suffering and lifelong impact of child sex abuse.

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