Class Action Lawsuits Over Recalled Neutrogena Sunscreen Against Johnson & Johnson

Johnson & Johnson Sunscreen Recall Results in Class Action Lawsuits In the wake of July’s sunscreen recall, Johnson & Johnson now finds itself being sued by multiple defendants in [...]

Cancer Caused by Benzene Poisoning and Exposure

Benzene: Substance in Sunscreen and Other Products Causes Cancer Why are people suddenly talking about benzene? Because recently, the independent research company Valisure found this [...]

Research Connects Covid-19 and Protein Pump Inhibitors

Research Seeks and Finds Connections Between Protein Pump Inhibitors and Covid-19 Protein pump inhibitors (PPIs) have been the subject of many studies about their side effects and risks. This [...]

Carcinogen in Metformin Leads to Recall

Metformin Is Latest Drug To Face Recall Because Excessive Levels Of Dangerous Carcinogen The recent recall of metformin makes it the third popular drug to be pulled from shelves in recent months [...]

Elmiron Lawyers

ICN Announces That Elmiron Now Has Warnings About Vision Loss The Interstitial Cystitis Network (ICN) has reported on its website, that the label for Elmiron has a revised [...]

Patient Zero Files Elmiron Lawsuit for Failure to Warn

Lawyers File Elmiron Lawsuit For Failure to Warn On June 9, 2020, attorneys filed a product liability lawsuit in New Jersey against the makers of Elmiron. The suit alleges, among other things, [...]

J & J Stops Selling Asbestos-Containing Talcum Powder in US

Allegations About Asbestos Contamination Lead Johnson & Johnson to Stop Selling Talcum Powder in the United States and Canada In a statement made on May 19, 2020, Johnson & Johnson (J [...]