Deshaun Watson Sexual Assault Settlements

Deshaun Watson Settles Sexual Assault Lawsuits

During the past few years, dozens of women have accused NFL star Deshaun Watson of sexual misconduct. There have been twenty four civil lawsuits filed against him. The allegations in these lawsuits stem from interactions between Watson and massage therapists.

Several therapists claim that Watson sexually assaulted or sexually harassed them over the course of 17 months.
At the time, Watson was playing for the Houston Texans. Watson is currently the quarterback for the Cleveland Browns.

In March 2021, two Texas grand juries failed to indict Watson on criminal charges relating to sexual assault allegations. Twenty-two women filed civil lawsuits shortly after that. About one week before the settlement announcement, Watson remained adamant that he “never assaulted anyone…never harassed anyone…never forced anyone to do anything.”

On June 21, 2022, NPR reported that Watson has settled 20 of 24 sexual misconduct lawsuits. The women’s lawyer Tony Buzbee said that the settlements are confidential and that there would be no further comment on the amounts or terms of any agreements. Buzbee said he plans to follow through with trials for the remaining four sexual assault lawsuits.

Will New York Adult Survivors Act Result in More Sexual Assault Lawsuits?

The lawsuits against Watson were filed well within Texas’s statute of limitations for such claims. In New York state, the statute of limitations for sexual assault and sexual abuse lawsuits is being suspended, opening a window to file previously time-barred claims.

The New York Adult Survivors Act (ASA) states –

If someone sexually abused or assaulted you when you were at least 18, you will have one year to file a lawsuit against them. The one-year period begins in November 2022 and ends in November 2023. You will have the opportunity to file your ASA lawsuit during that one-year window regardless of how long ago the assault occurred or how old you are now.

New York modeled the ASA after the Child Victims Act (CVA), which provided a similar look-back window for individuals who were sexually abused as children. Several states across the nation passed similar laws after it became apparent that the abuse of children within certain secular and religious organizations was rampant. The extra time the CVA provided allowed victims of child sex abuse to seek compensation from their abusers and the institutions that covered up the abuse.

The New York ASA recognizes that victims of sexual assault at any age need time to process the events surrounding their abuse or assault. The law also recognizes that institutions, universities, and organizations across the country have failed to provide adequate support and protection for victims of sexual assault. Time will tell if other states follow New York’s lead and give victims of adult sexual assault and sexual abuse a renewed chance to have their day in court.

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Adult Survivors Act: Compensation For Sexual Abuse Injuries

The Adult Survivors Act Opens the Door To Compensation For Sexual Abuse Injuries

The New York Adult Survivors Act became law on May 24, 2022. It provides a look-back window for sexual abuse victims to file civil lawsuits regardless of how long ago the abuse occurred.

If you were over 18 when you were sexually assaulted or abused, you will have one year to file a lawsuit against your abuser and the institution, organization, or entity that failed to protect you. The one-year period will begin in November 2022 and end in November 2023.

The ASA is modeled after the Child Victims Act (CVA). New York passed the CVA to give survivors of childhood sexual abuse a similar window to file lawsuits against their abusers and the entities that covered up or failed to respond to the abuse. The ASA recognizes that it is not just child victims that need time to process the depth of their abuse and injuries. Adult victims of sexual abuse require the same consideration.

It is well-documented that victims of sexual assault and abuse suffer deep, lasting physical and emotional trauma that can affect the entire course of their lives. Regardless of how much time has passed, filing a claim against your abuser can bring some relief from the injuries caused by sexual abuse.
Whether that relief is from a compensation award or the satisfaction of facing your abuser in court, pursuing justice can help sexual abuse survivors with their healing process.

What Are Some Common Injuries Caused by Adult Sexual Abuse?

Injuries from sexual abuse and sexual assault can be physical or emotional. There can be short-term and long-term injuries. The true impact of sexual abuse can depend on various factors such as:

  • The relationship between the victim and the abuser
  • Length of time over which the abuse occurs
  • The extent of physical harm
  • The nature of psychological and emotional abuse
  • The victim’s experience with authorities, friends, and family related to the abuse

These factors are often related to the injuries sexual abuse victims suffer and contribute to the degree to which they can “heal” or move forward to live a healthy, happy life.

Some common injuries from a sexual assault that manifest right away or over several months and years can include:

  • Anxiety
  • Fear
  • Bruising
  • Bleeding
  • Injuries to the uterus, cervix, vagina, or anus
  • Self-blame
  • STD
  • Bleeding
  • Shame
  • Depression
  • Intrusive thoughts
  • Mood disorders
  • Sleep disorders/nightmares
  • Suicidal ideation
  • Low self-esteem
  • Guilt
  • Reproductive injuries
  • Gastrointestinal disorders
  • Eating disorders
  • Addiction to drugs
  • Addiction to alcohol
  • Self-harm, violence against others
  • PTDS

These injuries can do more than impact the victim physically and emotionally. They can result in expensive medical bills, difficulty maintaining or seeking employment, financial instability, and even criminal behavior.

How Can The Adult Survivors Act Help Victims of Sexual Abuse?

Filing a lawsuit against your attacker or the entity that failed to protect you will not magically cure your injuries. But, it can provide you with financial compensation to help make your healing process easier. Having the financial resources to find the right treatment or to relieve some of the burdens you have been carrying can allow you to focus on your recovery. Holding your abuser accountable for harming you might help you move forward on your road to good health.

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What is the New York Adult Survivors Act?

What You Should Know About the New York Adult Survivors Act

If you read or watch New York news, you probably heard about the Adult Survivors Act. The Adult Survivors Act (ASA)is generating much buzz around the nation, especially here in New York, where it could open the door for thousands of victims of sexual abuse to file lawsuits.

Many people are asking important questions about this recently passed law. What does the ASA say? What might it mean for my family and me? Am I entitled to compensation for my injuries from sexual abuse?

Let’s examine what you should know about the Adult Survivors Act.

What Is the Adult Survivors Act?

New York Governor Hochul signed the Adult Survivors Act (S.66A/A.648A) into law on May 24, 2022.

Upon signing, Governor Hochul stated, “Today, we take an important step in empowering survivors across New York to use their voices and hold their abusers accountable.”

What Does the Adult Survivors Act Say?

The ASA creates a one-year lookback window for survivors of sexual assault or abuse that occurred when they were adults (over 18) to sue their abusers. This window to file a lawsuit exists regardless of how long ago the sexual abuse occurred.

In other words, if you were sexually assaulted or abused when you were over 18, you will have one full year to file a lawsuit against your abuser, regardless of how much time has passed. Even if the statute of limitations previously expired, you will have one year to file a claim.

When Does the ASA Window Open and Close?

The one-year window is set to begin “six months from signing.” Six months from May 24, 2022, is November 24, 2022. The lookback window will be one-year and should close on November 24, 2023.

What Types of Sexual Abuse Are Included in the Adult Survivors Act?

If you were sexually abused as an adult, you might be able to file a lawsuit. Sexual abuse can include rape, attempted rape, groping, unwanted touching, forcible kissing, and more.

Who Can I Sue Under the Adult Survivors Act?

The ASA allows you to file a civil lawsuit against your abuser or attacker. It also allows you to file a civil lawsuit against a business, organization, or institution that failed to protect you.

For example, if you were a patient sexually assaulted by a physician, you might also be able to sue a hospital that ignored complaints about their behavior. If an athletic coach sexually abused you, you might also have a claim against the university that employed them. If you were a victim of sexual abuse by a priest, you might have a claim against the church.

What Compensation Is Available Under the New York Adult Survivors Act?

A lawsuit under the ASA might result in a settlement or a verdict awarding you damages. Recoverable compensation can depend on various factors, including the extent of your physical and emotional injuries and whether any parties “covered up” the sexual abuse.

Compensation can include medical expenses you incurred, the cost of therapy, addiction rehab, lost income, pain and suffering, and more.

What Should You Do if You Were the Victim of Sexual Abuse as an Adult in New York?

If you were sexually abused or assaulted over the age of 18, you might still be able to have your day in court and seek accountability from your attacker. Sexual abuse survivors report that pursuing legal action can contribute to a sense of closure and healing.

Finally, after years of suffering the shame and pain caused by sexual abuse, they can receive some relief. Compensation will not undo the harm of sexual abuse, but it can help survivors move forward.

Find out what your legal options are by calling our experienced New York sexual abuse lawyers.

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Southern Baptist Church Releases List Of Sex Abusers

Baptist Leaders Release Database of Sex Abusers

An article in the Washington Post on May 27, 2022, revealed that the Southern Baptist Church has been hiding information about sexual abuse under its watch. The Executive Committee for the Southern Baptist Convention (SBC) released a list of “alleged church-related sexual abuse offenders,” kept secret for at least ten years.

According to NPR, the list includes approximately 700 entries from situations that span mostly from 2000 to 2019. The list entries released to the public are “entries that reference an admission, confession, guilty plea, conviction, judgment, sentencing, or inclusion on a sex offender registry.”

Evidence Shows Decades of Sexual Abuse and Cover-Up

The list comes with allegations that various individuals within the SBC completely mishandled allegations of sexual abuse and that some committee members maintained private lists of ministers accused of misconduct. There are additional allegations that survivors received pushback when they came forward with stories of sexual abuse and that the SBC was far more concerned with protecting its reputation and pocketbook than victims.

Despite knowing sexual abuse was occurring, there is little to no evidence that anyone took steps to remove abusive ministers from positions of authority and protect victims.

The long list of credibly accused sexual abusers includes pastors and ministers from Texas, Virginia, New Jersey, Missouri, North Carolina, and other states.

Report on Sexual Abuse in Baptist Churches Comes After Months-Long Investigation

Guidepost Solutions conducted a seven-month investigation. Guidepost is an independent firm the Executive Committee hired after pressure from delegates to the last SBC national meeting.

Guidepost interviewed sexual abuse victims of all ages, children, and adults. They all spoke of trauma from the sexual abuse and the response from churches and the SBC. Many survivors indicated their calls, emails, and letters were ignored. Others said they were mistreated.
Some survivors said their efforts to seek help or report perpetrators were actively thwarted.

What Happens Now?

The report by Guidepost suggests the SBC take steps to reform sexual abuse policies and practices. Recommendations include creating an administrative body to oversee long-term reforms regarding sexual abuse and sexual misconduct in the Baptist Church.

It might be too late for many survivors to pursue legal remedies against the SBC or the alleged abusers. Unfortunately, the statute of limitations might have expired. Some states, however, might decide to give sexual abuse survivors more time by passing legislation.

For example, New York just passed the Adult Survivors Act. This law will provide many victims of sexual abuse a one-year lookback window to file lawsuits against sexual abusers and the institutions that protected them. They will be able to file claims even though the initial statute of limitations has expired.

Time will tell if other states do the same for their victims of sexual abuse. Given the number of victims and alleged sexual abusers hidden by the Baptist Church, it would give many survivors a chance to seek accountability.

If You Are a Sexual Abuse Survivor in New York, Call Alonso Krangle, LLP

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New York Adult Survivors Act

On April 26, 2022, the New York State Senate voted in favor of the “Adult Survivors Act.” This legislation removes the statute of limitations for claims related to sexual assault and sexual abuse cases within the state. if If this passes the New York State Assembly and is signed by the governor, it will remove a massive impediment to those who have suffered far too long without relief.

The NY Adult Survivors Act Builds on the New York Child Victims Act

In 2019, New York enacted legislation known as the New York Child Victims Act. This law, effective August 14, 2019, empowered thousands of victims of child sexual abuse to come forward years, even decades, after their abuse.

Whether the victim was:

  • Sexually abused by a priest,
  • Sexually abused by a minister,
  • Sexually abused by a rabbi,
  • Sexually abused by a teacher,
  • Sexually abused by a boy scout leader, or
  • Sexually abused by any other individual,

they would now have the opportunity to bring an action both for closure as well as financial compensation.
It is estimated that since the law passed, and was scheduled to expire in August 2021, that more than 10,000 lawsuits were filed by victims of sexual abuse.

Seek Justice and Protect Your Rights

No one can undo the horrors of sexual abuse. However, those responsible can be held accountable. In years past, short statutes of limitations did not afford the victims, often dealing with trauma for years or decades, an adequate opportunity to come forward. Others were so young that the statute of limitations would pass before they were capable of taking action.

If you were a loved one was sexually abused by a priest, minister, rabbi, teacher, scout leader or any other person, we can help. You can speak with our lawyers confidentially and discretely, without any information being shared publicly. We will explain your options and help you decide if you should pursue a case and take the next steps in protecting your rights.

For additional information, please contact our attorneys today. All calls are strictly confidential. Call 800-403-6191 now.

UCLA to Settle Dr. Heaps Sexual Abuse Claims for $243 Million

UCLA Settles Dr. Heaps Sexual Abuse Lawsuits for $243 Million

In an announcement made on February 8, 2022, the University of California system (UCLA) has agreed to pay $243.6 million to settle more than 200 sexual abuse lawsuits involving Dr. James Heaps.

The women who filed these lawsuits allege that Heaps, the former gynecologist at UCLA, sexually abused and assaulted them and that UCLA failed to stop him. The women claim that during exams, Heaps inappropriately touched them. They also claim that Heaps made lewd comments while conducting breast examinations and vaginal examinations.

Each of the women will receive approximately $1 million in settlement money.

UCLA Doctor Accused of Misconduct By Thousands

Heaps became affiliated with UCLA in 1983. He worked in various capacities. According to an LA Times Article, UCLA received complaints about Heaps at least as early as the start of the 1990s.

UCLA’s records show that despite various allegations of inappropriate comments, touching, and sexual assault, UCLA did not take reasonable steps to protect patients.

Many complaints were ignored completely, chalked up to “misunderstanding.” A special committee investigation by UCLA concluded that the handling of allegations against Heaps was “at times either delayed or inadequate or both.”

Police arrested Heaps in June 2019, and a grand jury has since indicted him on sexually abusing seven patients from 2011-to 2018. Since then, hundreds of women have come forward with additional allegations of sexual abuse and assault by the doctor.

He is currently facing 21 felony counts “including sexual battery by fraud, sexual exploitation of a patient, and sexual penetration of an unconscious person.”

More UCLA Sexual Abuse Lawsuits Remain

The $243 million settlement is not the only one agreed to by the UCLA system regarding Heaps. In November 2020, UCLA settled a class action involving 5000 former patients of Heaps who were abused between 1983 and 2018. In that case, the women shared a $73 million settlement amount.

There were more than 500 women who chose to file individual lawsuits against UCLA rather than participate in the class action. The $243 million settlement announced in February will resolve about 200 of those cases.

More than 300 lawsuits remain unresolved.

Call Alonso Krangle, LLP if You Were Sexually Abused

If you or someone you love was sexually assaulted or sexually abused at by Dr. Heaps, or by any other doctor, teacher, clergy member, or another person, call our lawyers today for help. There is a time limit to file sexual abuse claims, and we can’t know how much time you have left until we hear the facts of your case. We can determine if you are entitled to file a lawsuit or seek compensation from your abuser.

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Women Sue Deshaun Watson For Sexual Assault

Seven Women File Lawsuits Accusing Deshaun Watson of Sexual Misconduct

Seven women have filed lawsuits against football superstar Deshaun Watson. The lawsuits contain allegations, some of them graphic, that in separate incidents, Watson committed sexual misconduct or sexual assault on the women after hiring them for massages.

Sources say that more women out there also claim Watson acted inappropriately towards them and under similar circumstances. Some of them have not filed lawsuits, but it would be a surprise if they did not also file claims to seek compensation from Watson.

In the span of one week, Watson went from being accused by one masseuse to facing seven lawsuits containing allegations of sexual assault and intentional infliction of emotional distress.
The cases have all been filed in Harris County, TX.

Watson is currently not facing criminal charges stemming from any of the allegations against him. The Houston Texans have agreed to cooperate with an NFL investigation into Watson’s alleged activities.

What Do the Lawsuits Against Deshaun Watson Say?

The Plaintiffs in the cases are all massage therapists. Their names have not been released to protect their privacy.

In the first lawsuit, a professional sports massage therapist in business for 11 years met Watson through Instagram. According to her lawsuit, when she and Watson spoke on the phone about an appointment, he told her, “I make a lot of massage therapists uncomfortable, and it’s really hard for me to find someone who will meet my needs ….”

At their appointment in June 2020, scheduled at a Houston spa, Watson allegedly asked to shower before the massage. The therapist asked him to lay face down on the table when finished. Her court documents claim that he emerged naked, and when she tried to cover him up, he did not cooperate. She claims that throughout their session, he made several attempts to get her to touch his genitals and “moved in a way” to encourage genital contact.

The second lawsuit involves an incident that occurred in September 2020. In this case, a female fitness professional accuses Watson of assaulting her during a session. She claims he was very aggressive in dictating how she worked during the session, telling her to concentrate on his groin area. He allegedly asked if he could lay on the table naked, but she told him to leave his towel on.

Documents claim that Watson became aroused during the session and “continued to move his body in a way that would repeatedly cause his penis to touch” the woman’s hand.” Watson allegedly ejaculated during the session, which caused the woman to leave the spa, where the incident occurred immediately.

In the third lawsuit, a woman alleges that Watson harassed and assaulted her while trying to perform her job as a licensed esthetician. This woman learned from her Boss that Watson asked for her phone number to reach out directly to schedule a massage. Watson and this Plaintiff set up an appointment at the spa. The woman claims that he texted her “incessantly,” asking if anyone else would be at the spa during his visit and if he could use the back entrance. What else do her documents allege?

  • That Watson asked her to stay while he got undressed
  • That when she turned around after he got undressed, he was standing in front of her completely naked.
  • That when he lay on the bed, he insisted that he be allowed to do so completely naked
  • He instructed her to work on his thighs and buttocks.
  • Watson flipped onto his back, in a clear state of arousal.
  • He asked the woman what she was “going to do about his erection?”
  • She responded by telling him his behavior was inappropriate.

In a subsequent session, the plaintiff claims he escalated his inappropriate behavior by trying to kiss her, get her to touch his genitals, and complaining that she was wearing too much clothing. The woman cut the session short and alleges Watson “left abruptly.”

The remaining lawsuits all strike a similar tone, alleging that Watson tried to kiss the plaintiffs, force them to touch him, and demanded he remained naked while they did their work. In perhaps the most serious allegation, one plaintiff claims that Watson forced her to perform oral sex.

Has Deshaun Watson Responded to the Allegations of Sexual Misconduct?

Watson has said little since he tweeted after learning of the first lawsuit. He denied the first plaintiff’s allegations, claiming she is trying to get money from a wealthy athlete by filing baseless claims.

Sources “close to” Watson have told news outlets that Watson sought therapists on social media and through friends’ recommendations because Covid-19 made it impossible to continue with his regular massage therapist. These sources also claim that Watson was always mindful of “keeping things professional.”

Watson’s lawyer Rusty Hardin told the media that the lawsuits are “meritless” and has asked the public to “keep an open mind” until their side can address the allegations against his client.

The Plaintiffs in each case stand firm in their allegations against Watson. One plaintiff went so far as to allege in her complaint that Watson made massage appointments specifically to receive sexual gratification.

Pursuing Civil Sexual Assault Claims Can Result in Compensation

Filing a lawsuit for sexual assault, sexual harassment, or sexual misconduct is sometimes a difficult decision to make. Even when such conduct is not criminal, the injuries to the victims can be quite severe. The trauma, emotional distress, and anxiety resulting from any of the situations mentioned above can be debilitating.

Victims of sexual assault often suffer depression, shame, anger, and confusion. Sexual misconduct can interfere with your job, your relationships, and everyday activities.

It is important to know that when someone harms you in this way, there are civil remedies that might be available. Collecting monetary compensation from the party who hurt you won’t change what happened. But, it might make it easier for you to move forward with your life and begin the healing process.

Call Alonso Krangle, LLP, If You Are the Victim Sexual Misconduct

If you were sexually assaulted or the victim of sexual misconduct, call our lawyers at Alonso Krangle LLP for help. We have experience filing claims on behalf of sexual abuse and assault victims and do so with compassion and care. Call our experienced sexual assault lawyers today at 800-403-6191 to schedule a free case evaluation.



Victims of Sexual Abuse by Chess Champion Priest File Lawsuit

Chess Champ Clergy Member Accused of Sexual Abuse in New Lawsuit Filed Under the Child Victims Act

At Alonso Krangle, LLP, our child sexual abuse lawyers are all too familiar with how rampant sexual abuse is. Arguably, sexual abuse by people in positions of authority has been a scourge on society since time immemorial. Thankfully, now there are laws against it and ways for individuals to seek legal recourse against their abusers.

The sexual abuse of children is finally being recognized as a large, worldwide problem that continues to affect victims well into adulthood. People in positions of power are still wont to commit sexual abuse against children under their immediate sphere of power or influence. The clergy, unfortunately, is no different.

To date, there have been thousands of sexual abuse reports and cases containing allegations against clergy members. These claims of sexual abuse come from around the world, including the state of New York.

Thankfully, the situation is changing, making it a bit easier for victims of childhood sexual abuse to pursue legal remedies against their abusers and the institutions that protected them. The result? Victims who suffered sexual abuse as children at the hands of trusted clergy members, teachers, and others are finally getting their day in court.

One such case was filed in January of this year and involved the deceased chess grandmaster Bill Lombardy, a one-time priest.

Lombardy was accused of sexually abusing two minors in the 1960s. According to the victims, Lombardy lured and groomed them through offers of chess practice, only to commit sexual abuse upon them once they were alone. Because of New York’s Child Victims Act, the victims of Lombardy’s alleged abuse were able to seek recourse all these years later.

What is the New York Child Victims Act?

In 2019, New York passed the New York Child Victims Act. Simply stated, the Child Victims Act (CVA) extends the period within which victims may file lawsuits against the perpetrators of sexual abuse. Before its passage, the law allowed victims of child sexual abuse to pursue their cases only until the age of 22. With the new law, people often have decades to decide whether to pursue civil cases and compensation from the abusers.

The New York Child Victims Act also allows victims of child sexual abuse to seek criminal prosecution against their offenders until they reach 28. As to the offenders’ civil liability, the law gives victims until they reach 55 to file their lawsuits. Before the CVA, the limit on civil and criminal cases was the age of 22.

Yet, what makes the law special is not the only adjustment of the prescriptive periods but also the very special grace period created for the victims. Under the new law, sexual abuse victims who were previously time-barred from filing lawsuits received one year to do so. Before this one-year period was to end last year, the state legislature, citing the Covid-19 pandemic, extended it to August 14, 2021.

With the period drawing near, we cannot stress enough how important it is for you to seek legal help if you were the victim of sexual abuse as a child. Thousands of new lawsuits have already been filed under the Child Victims Act. Consult with our experienced sexual abuse lawyers if you are thinking about pursuing justice under the CVA.

The Lombardy Case Seeks Compensation From the Archdiocese of New York

The Lombardy case is not necessarily a case against Lombardy himself. Lombardy, a priest and chess Grandmaster, passed away in 2017. The lawsuit seeks to hold liable the Archdiocese of New York and St. Mary’s Church in Bronx, NY.

The victims allege that Lombardy and another priest abused them when they were altar boys and students at St. Mary’s. One victim claims that when he tried to tell school administrators about the sexual abuse, they told him to go back to class and that he “would go to hell” for saying such things.

The victims claim in their lawsuit that every diocese is under the obligation and duty to be aware of what is happening inside their parishes, adding that there should have been policies to enable the proper monitoring and detection of child abuse. The lawsuit essentially claims that these institutions were negligent and liable for the damages suffered by the victims of clergy sexual abuse due to their failure to fulfill such obligations.

Time will tell the outcome of this case. Many victims have found success in the courts and have received substantial compensation for their injuries from sexual abuse.

This lawsuit serves as a good reminder that the CVA look-back window has been extended. Victims might still have time to file lawsuits against the clergy and religious institutions that perpetuated and allowed sexual abuse to occur.

What Should I Do If I Was Sexually Abused as a Child?

Whether you are a victim of sexual abuse by the clergy or another trusted adult, it is imperative that you immediately contact our experienced child sexual abuse lawyers as soon as possible.

At Alonso Krangle, LLP, we understand the trauma a victim of sexual abuse carries daily, and we are here to help you. Seeking legal help is about getting you the amount of compensation you deserve and helping you ease your burdens and move forward.

Many victims of sexual abuse as children report that they feel some closure once they have the opportunity to face their abusers and seek compensation. Filing a sexual abuse claim might be an important step toward putting the abuse and trauma in your past.

Call Our Child Sexual Abuse Lawyers Today to Find Out If You Can File a Claim

If you or any of your loved ones are victims of sexual abuse, we understand what you are going through; you are not alone.

Our child sexual abuse lawyers at Alonso Krangle, LLP are dedicated to helping you fight for your rights to hold accountable those responsible for your abuse. To learn more about how we can protect your rights and seek damages for child sexual abuse, call us today at 800-403-6191 or 516-350-5555 for a free case evaluation.



Thousands of Child Sexual Abuse Lawsuits in NY

New Yorkers File Nearly 4,000 Lawsuits Against Sexual Abusers

Saba Ali, writing for the Poughkeepsie Journal in August 2020, reported that the number of lawsuits filed in New York under the Child Victim’s Act is nearing 4,000. “Last August, the law allowed survivors of child sexual abuse one year to file claims against those responsible for abuse regardless of how long ago the incident took place.”

The law intended to allow child abuse victims to seek compensation and accountability from their abuser despite decades having passed since the abuse allegedly occurred. According to Ali, victims throughout the state have taken advantage, seizing the opportunity to seek justice against the people who hurt them and the entities that failed to protect them.

According to the New York Office of Court Administration, as of early August 2020, 3,797 lawsuits were filed in the state with “109 filed in Westchester, six in Dutchess and four in Rockland. New York County had the highest number of claims with 851.”

CVA Raised the Age to File Child Sexual Abuse Claims and Established Lookback Period

The state that at one time, had some of the most restrictive statutes of limitations applicable to sexual abuse, is trying to make things right for its citizens who suffered as children. Except for the one-year lookback window, the CVA allows victims of child sexual abuse to file claims until the age of 55 (formerly 23). This provides what victim-advocates hope is ample time for abuse victims to come to grips with their trauma and memories and decide whether to seek justice by filing a lawsuit.

The act also gave everyone who was a victim of sexual abuse as a child a one-year period during which to file a lawsuit.

Cuomo Extends CVA Window Another Year, More Lawsuits Expected

The lookback window was set to expire in August 2020. Governor Cuomo recently extended this window an additional year. Victims of child sexual abuse now have until August 2021 to file their lawsuits. It will not be surprising to see thousands of new cases filed in the months to come.

Thus far, cases have been filed in New York courts against various defendants from local school districts to large organizations such as The Fresh Air Fund, Rockefeller University, and Boy Scouts of America.

Some law firms reported having to turn away potential clients “because of the limited time.”
Perhaps now, those victims of child sexual abuse will be able to have their day in court.

Contact Alonso Krangle, LLP, for an Evaluation of Your Sexual Abuse Claim

Did a boy scout troop leader molest you? Did a priest sexually abuse you? Did a member of the clergy sexually assault you? Were you the victim of sexual abuse as a child?

If you can answer yes to any of these questions, it is time to seek help from experienced child sexual abuse lawyers at Alonso Krangle, LLP. Our lawyers know how to handle sexual abuse cases with discretion and compassion.

We want you to receive the justice and compensation you deserve. Call us today at 800-403-6191 to find out how to protect your legal rights to seek the damages you deserve.



Jeffrey Epstein’s Abuse Victims Can Apply For Compensation

Compensation Fund For The Victims of Jeffrey Epstein Finally Approved

On June 25, 2020, the New York Post (the Post) reported that victims of Jeffrey Epstein, the dead pedophile, can apply for compensation if they want to avoid public court cases. After being stalled for months as the parties debated how to run it, the fund has finally received approval.

Compensation Fund Allows Sexual Abuse Victims to Collect Compensation Without Publicity

Jordana Feldman is the fund administrator, and she is pleased that victims will have the opportunity to apply for damages without the glare of a public forum. For many Epstein victims, the pain is too great to relive in the context of a lawsuit. Instead, the fund will provide a “confidential forum for at least 70 women who say they were sexually abused” by Epstein.

Epstein’s victims can apply for compensation even if a lawsuit would be time-barred in court. Victims can also apply if they had a prior settlement.

Fund administrators told the Post that the standard to prove accusations would be “more relaxed,” than it would be in a civil litigation proceeding.

Update: NYS Extends Deadline To File Cases Until August 14, 2021

Victim Compensation Fund Is Independent Of Epstein’s Estate

The fund is accepting online applications until March 25, 2021. Participants in Epstein’s victim compensation fund will have to agree not to bring additional legal action against Epstein’s estate. Payments to the victims will come from Epstein’s estate, which is valued at over 600 million dollars. Victims can rest assured that the estate will have no say over who does and does not qualify for compensation. The fund is run independently of the estate, and all decisions rest with the fund administrators.

Feldman told the Post that creating a fund for the victims of Jeffrey Epstein is an opportunity to help them move on with their lives. Child sexual abuse creates harm that lasts well into adulthood. An award for compensation will not reverse the fact that these women were victims of child sexual abuse, but it can help recover from some of the damage it caused. The fund gives the victims of Epstein a way to “receive an acknowledgment by an independent third party as to the legitimacy of their experience and the long-term suffering it has wrought.”

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